Our Managed WordPress AI Assistant writes all articles of your website!

Getting you online as easy as possible. That will always be our mission. Which is why we are once again upgrading our Managed WordPress hosting with a new feature. Oh, and what a feature! As of today, you get your own AI Assistant that fills your WordPress website with all kinds of copy. You ask, the tool writes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is much more than just a nifty gimmick. If you use it well, it can make your life much easier. At least, that's what we at Combell believe. So we thought: what if we add AI to our WordPress Site Assistant?

Site Assistant already helps you build your own WordPress website. You specify what you need and Site Assistant does the rest. The useful tool adds features, provides you with designs, installs the right WordPress plugins for you ... It doesn't get much easier than this.

Don't waste time staring at a blank page

So now, as an amazing extra, our Managed WordPress AI Assistant is added. This newest tool also helps you getting your own website online in no time.

After all, creating your own website may be one thing, but adding copy to it? That's something else! It could well be that you are a specialist in your business and can talk for hours about your passion. While you have no idea how to put it all down on paper - meaning: on the web pages of your website.

So if you don't quite know where to start, if you're looking for inspiration ... then don't sit and stare at a blank page. The AI tool in Site Assistant writes your website copy. This way, you don't have to outsource your website's content creation. You'll save a lot of money! 😀

De AI tool in Site Assistent schrijft jouw websiteteksten.
The AI tool in Site Assistant writes your website copy

You ask, the tool writes

Imagine you're a gardening enthusiast wanting to start your own WordPress webshop. Then you could ask your AI Assistant to write articles about topics such as plant care, how to water, how to transplant large plants ... You name it. You ask, AI Assistant writes.

In fact, the tool is so smart that you can also set up detailed commands. For example: "Write a welcoming message on this page about a young 'plant lover' who wants to sell his self-grown Monsteras at a fair price." Want to bet that you immediately get a filled page full of content? That way your webshop grows, just like the plants ...

'100% WordPress, 0% worries'

Both Site Assistant and our latest AI tool are additional assets in Combell's '100% WordPress, 0% worries' offering of Managed WordPress hosting.

Technology like Artificial Intelligence has to be embraced. So, we are very happy to be able to offer this AI feature. First of all, because we like to make things easy for you. And secondly, because we believe that a professional hosting company should provide the latest software.

One gets help building a website, one gets help writing it ... You may ask yourself, what's left to do by yourself as an entrepreneur? Simple: you need to fully focus on your business, on your key projects. Making your website shine online, Combell takes care of that.

By the way: unlike what you might think, this blog post was not written using our AI Assistant. However, it could have been. Because he writes (almost 😉) as well as our own human copywriter here at Combell.