Registering your domain name with Combell? These are all the benefits!

Your newborn baby, that cute puppy ... What is close to your heart you give a name. One that you - hopefully! - thought long and hard about. The same way applies when you want to register a domain name. A domain name is your address on the internet. It 's the first step to a booming business. So, you better choose a reliable partner to register your domain name. There are numerous reasons why Combell is such a partner.

Your domain name with Combell? Then you get all sorts of extras, including those that are free of charge

There are a lot of places online to register your domain name. With Combell, not only your domain name is in good hands. You get many extra services, for free.

Creating your own website is free and easy

Currently, with each domain name you get a free version of SiteBuilder. This allows you to create a simple website on your domain name in just a few clicks. This is a logical next step in building a successful online brand. Thanks to Combell's SiteBuilder, you have all the necessary tools to build your website the way you want it.

You get your own mailboxes and email addresss

With Combell, you can create as many e-mail addresses as you want, based on your domain name. For example, create a, and and decide yourself: have all e-mails forwarded to your created mailbox, or use a forward address per e-mail address.

So, registering your domain name with Combell means choosing professionalism. You put the online story of your company or project first.

With your own mailbox and e-mail addresses, you are not only acting professionally, you are also creating trust with your customers. Important much! No more free mailboxes at Telenet or Gmail.

Start using free e-mail marketing

Did you know that Combell customers get a free Flexmail account? With it, you can send 5 e-mail campaigns to a maximum of 200 contacts every month.


The possibilities of Flexmail are endless, but the most important thing you need to know is to take your email marketing to the next level. Grab the opportunity to connect your (potential) customers to your business and products.

So, registering a domain name should not be rushed. Because there is a good chance that you want to do so in the cheapest way possible. As you can see, with a reliable partner on the market such as Combell, you get more value for your money. Combell is not only the platform to register your domain name with. As a hosting company, we have everything to help you digitize your company.

Additional tip: use our handy domain finder

A useful tip not to be missed is Combell's helpful domain finder. You immediately get a clear overview of domain extensions available for your domain name. Perhaps you should choose .immo, .travel or .app as the ideal extension. After all, your possibilities do not stop with the classic .com or .be. By choosing another extension, you can still claim the domain name you have in mind. The domain finder will immediately show you how much those other options will cost.

Use the domain finder and stay one step ahead of your competitors

Combell? Worry-free cooperation with a single partner

When registering your domain name, choose a provider that helps you with your online presence, such as Combell. Claiming your domain name is the basis, and we are already looking forward to the rest! Right from the start, you can count on reliable service. By working with one central partner, you make things easier for yourself. This way, you always know who to contact for questions and solutions.

Together we'll find you the best hosting

We help you get the hosting your website needs. Because buying and registering your domain name is one thing, you obviously want visitors who type it into their web browser to end up on your website. No singer sings in front of an empty theater, either.

In other words, one is not alone. Thanks to your choice for Combell, you do not have to figure out how to link your domain name to your website. Even if you have hosting from another provider, Combell will still help you link your domain name to that hosting. It could hardly get any easier!

24/7 support thanks to Combell support

Need a solution? Call us, send an e-mail or ask your question by chat. Our team of experienced support staff is ready to help you day and night in your own language. Even on Christmas Eve. So, you do not end up in the middle of an unhelpful call centre. You get a Combell expert on the phone who answers your questions.

Getting started yourself

If you still want to take matters into your own hands, you can do so via your own Combell control panel. There, you can manage all the services that you use from us. So, you can easily make adjustments to your mailboxes, for instance.

Combell transfers your domain name in no time

Already registered your domain name with another provider and looking to make the smart choice to transfer it to Combell? That is perfectly possible - follow these simple instructions to transfer your domain name - or outsource the transfer and let our Combell mover relocate your website for you in no time! Without any further ado.

Not completely satisfied? Money back!

We will do everything we can to make you a satisfied customer. We would never do it for something less. Indeed, at Combell, we are convinced of the quality of our products and the corresponding services. That is why we offer a free money-back guarantee for most of our products.

This period runs until 90 days after your purchase. We are not supposed to tell you, but the truth is that you only have to win by registering your domain name with Combell. And the winner takes it all.