Performance hosting: new powerful all-in-one hosting packages at Combell

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After months of laying down the groundwork we can proudly announce that we have launched new and powerful hosting packages called Performance hosting which will elevate your website to the next level. We have come up with a selection of hand-picked tools to improve upon your website’s speed and image.

What is Performance hosting?

By now you must be familiar with our caching options. Redis and Varnish are all valuable mechanisms to speed up and improve the performance of your websites. Once you activate and setup your caching frequent searches and requests are memorized and served faster in each new call.

Until now a user could only order the option separately and activate it from within the control panel. But they are also the stars of the new Performance packages. You get all caching options included by default, plus additional memory, more PHP workers, OPCache + APCu and Ramdisk.

Why do I need Performance hosting?

Performance hosting whyWhile Varnish, Memchached and Redis were already available as options from within your control panel, upgrading to Performance hosting will allow you to use all of these options in an all-inclusive package at an interesting price:

  • Caching options included: Varnish & Redis
  • Higher PHP memory limit
  • PHP workers
  • Ramdisk
  • Opcache & APCu

Need an upgrade from an existing hosting package? You can choose any of our Performance offers and benefit from increases on every front. You get more speed, flexibility and growth.

Check out the Performance hosting packages

The different options of Performance hosting explained


Varnish cache option hostingVarnish is a reverse caching proxy, also known as an HTTP accelerator. It allows you to save files or file fragments in the memory, so that your site can work faster and the server load is reduced. It is used by Facebook, The New York Times and Tumblr.


Redis cache option hostingRedis is a caching technology that lets web applications store and retrieve data in no time from the memory. Redis is a distributed cache and offers many extra features. It Is used by Twitter, Pinterest, and StackOverflow.

Higher PHP memory limit

Using powerful caching tools is only one side of handling heavy scripts. To help your website reach its full potential, we have increased the PHP memory limit.

PHP workers

The number of PHP workers is increased so your script can handle more simultaneous users without delaying the output.


Ramdisk temporarily transforms a portion of your RAM into easily accessible and fast working storage space.

Opcache & APCu

The couple are the heirs of APC. The two working together cache pre-compiled code and key-value data in shared memory.

What about resellers?

Of course, all resellers that pay per account will be able to take full advantage of our new Performance hosting offers. We have deeply integrated the new options in the control panels and have added exciting features to go along.


Contact our support team and request more information. Call 0800-8-5678 from Belgium or 0800-8-567890 from the Netherlands, or send an e-mail to