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  • 3 July 2023
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A digital transformation ... Can't you relate to that? Give it a try anyway. Because in a digital transition, you are going to digitize your business processes and drastically increase your online presence. Something your customers are waiting for.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Combell is ready to guide you through the digital transformation of your company. Together, we will tackle the greatest challenges. Ready? Go!

Combell as a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

In this article, discover immediately what Combell has to offer as a Managed Service Provider. You can count on our expertise, years of experience and the best and most secure infrastructure.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation means that you start thinking and acting digitally as a company. A digital transition is a journey in which you deploy (new) technologies and digital tools to optimize your business processes.

With a clear goal and plan, you are going to integrate various digital solutions into most aspects of your business. You are going to evaluate certain processes and redesign them if necessary.

So you are going to revisit the current operation of your business. Those various interventions will create a more efficient organization. For example, there is a chance that you will automate certain repetitive tasks or that new IT systems will speed up lines of communication between employees.

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Customer focus

As a driven entrepreneur, you know it better than anyone else. Your customer is the most important person within your organization. That customer spends more and more time on the Internet. So your customers also expect to come across your company there. If you don't, you miss out on a lot of great opportunities - read revenue.

If you make a digital transformation, you can start focusing even more on what your customers need. For example, new technology can make your customers buy products much faster. By launching your own webshop, for example.

Those who take digital transformation seriously will also take a close look at their company's marketing campaigns. That too has a direct effect on how your company performs in our increasingly digitalized world. You can use certain analytics software to get a better idea of who your customers are and where they come from.

The digital transformation of your business is the key to growth in this digital age. It enables you as a company to work more efficiently, exploit new opportunities and be more customer-centric, giving you a competitive advantage as well as successful growth.

Importance of digital transformation

Why digitally transform your business? For many, this is not a question, but rather an answer. Entrepreneurs do it out of necessity to survive! Let's throw in some clear numbers.

Research shows that 55% of companies fear losing market share if they do not make a digital transformation within the year. No wonder then that 70% of the companies surveyed have implemented or are in the process of implementing a digital transition.

The switch from offline to online is essential for the future of your business. Although, of course, a smart combination is also possible. You don't have to throw all your paper documents in the trash. 😉

More than half of companies that do not go through a digital transformation risk losing market share within the year.

Your company's digital transformation does pay off. A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit shows that companies that have gone through a transformation are twice as likely to see their market share increase.

It may be a big change, but with the right technology, you can make your business more efficient.
It may be a big change, but with the right technology, you can make your business more efficient.

Setting priorities

To go through a successful digital transformation, it is important to properly align your strategy with digital technology. Put data analytics, data visualization and machine learning at the top of your priority list.

Ensuring a fast and agile IT environment is also an essential part of your digital transformation. As a company, if you develop digital initiatives to move faster and be more agile, you will generally be more successful than your competitors who have not yet made the switch. 🙂

Optimize your performance and stay ahead of the competition

Is your company's website slowing down as the number of visitors increases? Are your applications running too slowly, causing the speed of your business processes to lag behind? At Combell, we not only guarantee hosting that is 100% secure and always on, but also the fastest hosting on the market. After all, a slow website is just as bad as one that is offline!

But as indicated, it is all about the customer's experience. Put your customers at the center of everything you do because they are the driving force behind digital transformation. Satisfying your customers can determine the success or failure of your business. Digital technologies play a crucial role in building and maintaining a positive relationship between your business and your customers. As a result, online, every millisecond counts.

Digital transformation means, among other things, securing your corporate data better.
Digital transformation means, among other things, securing your corporate data better.

Benefits of digital transition

Although a successful digital transition comes with risks and costs, you see many companies fully embracing the benefits. Find out what a successful digital transformation will bring you.

A more efficient company

A more efficient company operates better in all areas. After your digital transition, you get "your company 2.0," so to speak. By working with new technologies, you save time, optimize business processes and cut unnecessary expenses.

Stronger competitive position

Many companies are transforming digitally to be ready for the future. This makes it easier to adapt to changing market conditions and follow technological trends. This is necessary to keep up with your competitors.

Better collaboration

For a long time now, your workplace has not been limited to your desk in the office. There are many opportunities to collaborate and communicate digitally. Introducing online collaboration tools into your business improves productivity and strengthens collaboration within your company.


There are numerous tools that facilitate online collaboration. From online software packages, desktops in the cloud to digital faxing... Discover how Combell can support you in this respect.

Renew and innovate

What is a digital transformation without innovation? This change process stimulates innovation and allows you to develop new products and services that meet ever-changing customer needs.

Better secure IT infrastructure

Cybersecurity and risk management are also part of a digital transformation. After carefully evaluating all your processes, you may decide to better secure certain data. Or to protect your business from downtime by having a Business Continuity Plan drawn up.

New opportunities, more profits

Digital transformation opens the door to new markets. Not to mention all the opportunities waiting for you. By building out your company's online story, you will expand your reach and discover new audiences. If you are currently playing it safe in local territory, you may even go national or international with your business in the future.

Choose the right guidance for your digital transformation.
Choose the right guidance for your digital transformation.

Starting with digital transformation? Companies can count on Combell!

Digital transformation is a very intensive process. That is why the best possible support is very important. The right partner can help you implement the best solutions in your company. This way, a Managed Service Provider such as Combell has the necessary expertise in cloud computing and IT solutions.

In your digital transformation, cloud technology and infrastructure are crucial. Because it is thanks to scalable and flexible cloud solutions that companies can quickly respond to changes.

If you choose Managed Services, by the way, you don't have to take care of the constant updates, checks ... of your new infrastructure. This leaves you as an entrepreneur all the time you need to focus on your core activities and grow your business. Leave that IT in the hands of Combell. 😉

Support and advice

Combell not only keeps your technological framework online, while doing so, we guide you in your further digital transformation. We talk to you, make appointments and draw up plans and agreements. This way, you can be sure of a smooth transition and minimize the risk of errors or disruptions.

If something does go wrong - that's possible, we shouldn't be flippant about it - then you can count on your own account managers and on the highest level of our support service. With a Service Level Agreement (SLA), an additional service guarantee comes on top of that.

Good preparation is an essential part of your digital transformation.
Good preparation is an essential part of your digital transformation.

Digital transition priorities according to Combell

Here at Combell, we are convinced that you need customized IT advice to make your business more successful. Whatever the needs of your digital transition are, we help you find a solution. In doing so, Combell focuses on a few essential spearheads. We are not satisfied until these aspects of your business are taken care of.

Combell wants your IT environment:

  • To always stay online

In order to prevent problems, we continuously monitor your hosting. If our 24/7 monitoring spots a potential issue, we intervene proactively. This way, you can sleep soundly.

  • To be simplified

Thanks to IT outsourcing, you don't only save a lot of money, you also get a better performing infrastructure in return. Stop worrying about IT: throw your server and stress through the window. That way, your own IT department can focus on new projects.In fact, our experts are happy to work with your team as an extension of your IT department. That way they stay fully in the loop, but from now on your employees have time to think along with your business needs even more. Because together we are stronger!

  • To be more productive

To be truly productive, your employees need access to all their office applications. Their desk in their pocket, as it were. And this can be taken literally. With Combell's cloud solutions, you can easily work from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, on the road or wherever you are.

  • To be optimized

To be the fastest, you need a (hosting) partner with fast hardware and the best infrastructure. And Combell is the right place to do just that! But at Combell, we do so much more to make your website, application or other systems as fast and efficient as possible.

  • To be highly secured

Thanks to our secure connections and firewalls, your data are optimally protected against hackers, malware and other threats. Add to that our extensive network, which protects you from DDOS attacks, and you can rest easy. You can test how secure your IT environment is right now on our website.

"Expert in guidance"

At Bostoen, a residential project developer for 40 years, they have already gone through the digital transformation of their systems. For this, they counted on us! "Thanks to Combell cloud hosting, our employees can now work anywhere in Flanders, close to our customer", they say.

Like Bostoen, count on Combell for your digital transformation projects.
Like Bostoen, count on Combell for your digital transformation projects.

Steve Wittouck, Head of IT Operations at the Bostoen Group, puts it this way: "At Combell, you can feel from the professionalism of the employees that hosting managed servers is what they do best."

For me as an IT manager, Combell is an extension of our activity, not a replacement for it. We can now focus on our core business.

Steve Wittouck, Head of IT Operations Bostoen - Our customer Bostoen

According to Bostoen, the expert support provided by Combell during the migration process was very helpful. In several take-off meetings, the existing environment was analyzed and mapped. Then, they looked at how to migrate to the new environment. In each case, Combell worked out an infrastructure proposal, with a step-by-step plan on paper.

As a result, the migration went smoothly. No big bang, with the risk of scaring off the user, but dosed phases. The necessary stress tests were also carried out at each step, so that the process remained manageable. This is essential for a digital transition.

The road to digital transformation

You probably want to know which steps you need to take to speak of a successful digital transformation. While Combell's experts are the right people to guide you, knowing the important steps in advance can be beneficial.

  1. Set clear goals and a vision. Digital transformation starts with determining what you want to achieve and how this fits into your company's long-term strategy.
  2. Start looking for relevant technologies and solutions that fit your business needs. Research what tools and systems are available, such as an ERP system or cloud computing, and determine which software is best suited for your organization.
  3. Conduct a thorough business analysis. Analyze your current processes, systems and bottlenecks to determine where improvement is possible and where you can apply digital technologies.
  4. Create an implementation plan. Define the various phases, milestones and essential resources to achieve digital transformation. Ensure a structured approach and clear deadlines.
  5. Inform and involve your employees in your digital transformation. Provide training and support to prepare them for the changes and to keep them involved and motivated during this cultural change.

Frequently asked questions about digital transformation