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  • 9 June 2023
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As a busy entrepreneur, you may not always want to travel adventurously, but enjoy a relaxing "all-inclusive" vacation without a backpack. The same works with your IT infrastructure. Choose a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that offers you a full service. Combell is the ideal IT partner to tackle your specific IT challenges with. You will be rid of worries and gain time! Let us tell you why.

What is a Managed Services Provider?

A Managed Services Provider (some experts drop the 's' and talk about a Managed Service Provider) is a company, such as Combell, which solves the IT concerns of other organizations. For example, by offering various IT services and professional IT consulting. In other words, an MSP takes annoying IT jobs out of your hands.

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are generally responsible for managing, monitoring and maintaining your IT environment. Tasks such as managing servers, networks, applications and security, you can outsource worry-free. Although nothing is set in stone. An MSP will sit down with you and guide you to the best possible IT infrastructure for your situation.

Free up your IT department

Combell does everything to relieve your internal IT department as much as possible. It could even be that the need for such an in-house department disappears. Because we believe that entrepreneurs should be able to focus on what they are really good at. In other words: making nice profits from their core business. You don't want to waste time maintaining all your platforms yourself. 😉

What about the cost? You'll have a clear picture in advance. After several meetings, we make you a customized proposal. In the contract that follows, we set the prices, technical agreements and formalities together. At that time, you also determine the term of the contract.

Having a service provider to relieve you of all the worries is an added value for your company.

How do MSPs help you?

We're not telling you anything new when we say that our world is becoming increasingly digital. Within your company, the need for a perfectly streamlined IT environment will only increase. An MSP guarantees the smooth functioning of your company.

By collaborating with Combell, you get the best IT experts. Literally! Because there is nothing they like better than coming to your office and getting to know your company better. Such personal support allows you to benefit from the best solutions for server hosting, cloud storage, connectivity and cybersecurity, among other things. Best of all, you don't have to install and manage it all yourself. Oh no, your Managed Services Provider is responsible for that.

MSPs also help your enterprise in terms of active monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructures. No downtime or loss of productivity.

In addition, at Combell, we work day and night to create the most secure environment behind the scenes, where attacks are tackled immediately. Custom security is the ultimate cyber security for your company. Indeed, for each security risk, we have an adequate solution. This way, your applications remain online uninterrupted and your data absolutely safe. Peace of mind guaranteed!

Combell's services as a Managed Services Provider

Not yet convinced of the carefree outsourcing of your IT services? Here are some very interesting Combell services! 😃 At the same time, they are also advantages, because it makes business life easier.

Only the best hosting

As the absolute market leader in Managed hosting, Combell specializes in hosting solutions that suit your company. This way, you can always be sure that your hosting is 100% secure and always on. Moreover, we dare to say that we do everything we can to provide you with the fastest hosting on the market. And that is what you need. A slow website is just as bad as a website that is offline.

Scalability that grows with your company

Are your data traffic and IT resources as unpredictable as the weather? Then, you can provide the highest resource capacity throughout the year, but that is wasteful and, moreover, you pay unnecessary costs. Wouldn't it be better if your applications and services scaled dynamically according to your capacity requirements? Thanks to flexible scalability you to peak without limits!

Count on security and data protection

Managed Services Providers such as Combell pay a lot of attention to IT security and data protection.

From the latest patches and the strongest firewalls to secure data centers and connections: we keep your applications and systems safe, guaranteed. This is guaranteed by our rock-solid Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and our ISO 27001 certification!


ISO certifications are your guarantee of quality and minimum security risks. We are therefore very proud of them! Read more about our quality guarantees as an MSP.

Rely on expertise and specific knowledge

Combell consists of a team of more than 200 well-trained and experienced experts. Our colleagues think along about your IT roadmap, provide advice, implement the solutions that your organisation needs and are always ready to answer your questions. And above all: improving your business and making it successful is always their starting point.

No more downtime

Do you regularly experience large peaks in your data traffic? We prepare your infrastructure to deal with them and keep you online no matter what. Our 24/7 monitoring spots any problems well before they get out of hand. And if we do encounter a (larger) problem where you need to use our backups, your customers or employees won't notice any of that behind-the-scenes activity.

The best support

Another thing that runs 24/7: our excellent support service! You can reach our helpdesk by phone day and night, at no extra cost. When you call us, you won't just come across yet another call center agent.

No, if we can be your ICT partner, we will pamper you extra. So you always have access to our premium support. You are immediately in contact with our experts who know your IT situation through and through.

Day and night support is an important advantage of Combell as your MSP!

Ultimate peace of mind

Thanks to a streamlined IT infrastructure, your company can work more efficiently. You like that, do you? 😉 Because you do not have to worry about constant updates, checks... you have much more time to grow your business. Employees focus on what really matters and you are in charge to optimize everything. Leave your IT in the hands of Combell.

Customized solutions using managed services

Well, now you obviously know what you can rely on. But as an experienced service provider, besides IT advice that suits your company, Combell of course offers a wide range of managed services. That is the advantage of collaborating with a Managed Services Provider. They offer high-level IT solutions for any company, small or large.

What we have to offer you:

  • Continuous monitoring so your peak usage stays manageable. Autoscaling lets your applications and services scale dynamically along with your capacity requirements.
  • Disaster protection. Our Business Continuity helps you prevent downtime and get your systems up and running again quickly after a problematic outage. While our Disaster Recovery Plan is a fully customized solution for your business.
  • Backups in case of hacking. Combell always places your backup in another physical location in another data centre. This way, we make sure that there is no physical connection between what is live and the backup site.
  • Customized security. We have an appropriate solution for every security risk. This way, your applications remain online uninterrupted and your data absolutely secure.
  • Next level scalability and flexibility. Managed Kubernetes is the fastest and easiest way to launch new applications on a scalable platform. Other of our solutions obviously boost the performance of your IT environment just as much.
  • Simulating real user situations. With Application load testing, we provide a stress simulation that tests the responsiveness, stability and speed of your platforms.
  • Your own affordable private network. Thanks to Dedicated connectivity, your company is the only user of the private network. Your employees send and receive their data securely, and are always assured of a stable, fast connection.
  • Your servers in two data centers. Our multi-data center service keeps apps, IT systems and/or websites always available at the same speed, even in the event of a disaster. Your users won't notice anything about the switch.
  • Innovate and grow with smart container management. Use our Managed container services to isolate and run your software in different environments.

Moving to the cloud

Want to make a carefree transition to the cloud? We will gladly guide you. 😄 With a Managed cloud solution, as an MSP, Combell takes care of the maintenance of the necessary hardware and software for your cloud platform, regularly installs updates and makes sure your servers are always secure and available.

In addition, with Combell, you benefit from several other cloud benefits such as Cloud security, Cloud backup, Cloud storage and Cloud replication.

Cloud security with Combell ensures high data security with advanced security measures, such as firewalls and encryption.

With our Cloud backup, copies of your data are automatically made and securely stored in the cloud and in other locations, so that you always have an up-to-date backup.

With Cloud storage, you can count on secure storage of your data in the cloud, saving space and providing access from anywhere. Finally, there is also Cloud replication. This allows you to synchronize your data between different locations, ensuring you always have availability and continuity.

Better network performance has a positive impact on your business processes.

How do you choose the right Managed Services Provider?

Let's revisit the comparison to that lazy vacation. You probably don't go about booking your vacation destination overnight. You pick through the various travel agency websites, look for interesting deals, read reviews from other guests and maybe visit a travel agent. You should do the same when choosing a Managed Services Provider. Compare!

Know what you need

First, determine what your business needs. Make a list of the services you need such as hosting, cloud management, security, backup, Business Continuity ... Don't have it all figured out yet? Then count on our solutions architects to ask the right questions.

Get to know different MSPs

Find out what kind of meat you have in the digital tub. You can find a lot of information online about the different MSPs. Look carefully for customer reviews, sectors in which they are active, expertise and ... experience. Because you want to be sure that your future IT partner has experience with companies of similar size and complexity as yours. This will immediately give you an idea of their reliability.

Since 1999, Combell has become the most reliable one-stop partner for hosting just about any IT infrastructure, website or application. Thanks to our continuous investments in quality, security and uptime, we guarantee you a perfectly functioning infrastructure that grows along with your company's needs.

Value for money

Thanks to the frequent contact with our experts, you will not be confronted with any surprises. You only sign a contract if it is completely in line with what you have in mind. Still, it is smart to check in advance what services an MSP has to offer. SLAs, for example, are very important, as are support and, of course, the contract terms.


Combell has several SLA packages. Our experts will help you decide whether you can use an SLA, and which package best suits your company.

Let's do some talking

Ask all the questions you have during meetings with some potential MSPs. It's a matter of planning. We fully realize you want to do your homework, and that includes no-obligation conversations. Take your time. This is also important for us as an IT partner. That way we know fairly quickly whether our companies are a match. We're not big on blind dates.

During one or more introductory meetings, you do not only get to know Combell's offer, but also our communication style, follow-up... All things that help you make a well-considered decision about outsourcing your IT environment.

Expertise is a top priority when choosing an MSP.

How Combell operates as a Managed Services Provider

When you are looking for the ideal IT partner, it can create uncertainty. Which steps do you have to take? What is the timeframe of such a project? Will you be helped properly? In order to get rid of this uncertainty, here, we briefly explain how a collaboration with Combell as an MSP works.

From the first contact to the contract

Thanks to their many years of experience, our experts are well aware of what is possible, of what is required, and of how a project must be handled efficiently.

You get to know our account manager. Our expert asks the right questions about the current state of your IT infrastructure, the obstacles you may be encountering and the challenges you want to face.

Your account manager will use the collected information about your IT environment and your needs to approach our 'architect'. As an IT consultant, we delve into the solution you need.

During this follow-up meeting, we will go deeper together to think about what is the best possible solution for your question. That way, we leave nothing to chance.

Our solutions architect goes to the drawing board and provides a meticulous diagram of the necessary infrastructure and setup. We start with what you need initially, scaling up or down can be done later.

Once our initial proposal is drawn up, we schedule a presentation moment. There, our account manager and solutions architect provide detailed explanations of each component of your IT infrastructure.

Our proposal is not set in stone. We will keep on working on the proposal until we agree on the best possible solution.

Everything for the implementation of your IT infrastructure is in the starting blocks, all we need is your agreement and a signature.

From contract to live project

Predictability means peace of mind, also when rolling out your IT. That is why we provide a clear overview of what you can expect when Combell, after your approval, starts working for you.

Our account manager hands over your entire project to our engineers. In doing so, he explicitly mentions any special requests and things that need to be taken into account.

At the kick-off meeting, we clearly discuss what your project entails, who is responsible for what and what will happen step by step. Our employees also sound out the availability of everyone present in order to draw up the schedule.

Based on the information coming out of the kick-off meeting, a schedule is drawn up. In the process, achievable goals are established and you get a clear and accurate picture of the further course of the project.

Construction can begin. All agreed puzzle pieces are meticulously fitted together and the agreements made are concretized into a customized solution.

Engineers from another team check that your infrastructure is working optimally, and thoroughly test the environment. This way, we assure ourselves and you that your environment is working properly.

Your new infrastructure is ready for use. Combell gives you access to the environment. This is done securely by sending the credentials via SMS. If necessary, you get a manual to get to know your new environment.

Now you can install specific applications and perform the necessary migration of your data. During this phase, you can reboot your server without any problem, without us setting off an alarm that there is downtime.

Everything ready to go on your end? Then activate our monitoring and we can go live.

Your project is live. From now on, you enjoy powerful, secure infrastructure, direct contact with your account manager and an absolute minimum of downtime.

"Combell stood out as the best partner": from these customers, Combell is already the MSP

Time to introduce you to Horta, DataScouts and Oddessey, three of our customers. We bet that when you visit their offices, everyone is busy with their core business. Logical, because they do not have to occupy themselves with keeping their IT systems running. These three companies chose Combell as their Managed Service Provider. 😉

Horta gets fast and adequate support

For Horta, expert in garden and animal products, it is obvious: Combell is the IT partner for them. "Combell's IT consulting and active thinking is a big advantage, just like its fast and adequate support. This way, we are always sure of the best performing and most stable systems."

"When we call, we don't have to hang on the line for 15 minutes before someone answers. That's not the case everywhere." (laughs)

Bram Carion, IT manager at Horta

DataScouts relies on Combell cloud for big data processing

Collecting data is one thing, but drawing conclusions from it, that is the real challenge. The Gent-based company DataScouts helps companies gain the right insights to be prepared for the challenges of the future. In doing so, DataScouts counts on the scalability and reliability of Combell's cloud.

"Infrastructure is not our core business. Combell's expertise is a godsend for us."

Ingrid Willems, CEO, DataScouts

Data processing is performed on Combell's managed servers. Ingrid Willems, CEO of DataScouts, explains what was decisive in that choice. "Datascouts is a multi-tenant environment. This means that each of our customers has its own environment.

There is a lot of company-sensitive information in there. It is therefore important for us to offer a secure environment that is also fast and responsive. So we were looking for a partner who has experience in working with multi-tenant environments for more complex data applications."

Data security and data confidentiality are also in safe hands with Combell. We ensure the necessary security, availability and, of course, that our customer is always online. Or, as Ingrid Willems puts it herself: "Infrastructure is not our core business. Combell's expertise is therefore a godsend for us".

Oddessey: "Building on Combell as a partner"

Oddessey from the Netherlands chose Combell a few years ago, after a market survey on hosting. They were looking for a partner with the same values who also understands that applications have specific requirements. Care, integrity, honesty, reliability: these are characteristics that are woven into Oddessey's DNA and that it finds in Combell as an application hosting partner.

Combell's good reputation is also an argument for Oddessey when negotiating with their own customers. "With Combell as Managed Service Provider, we can justify that stability, security and so on are perfectly fine. We refer to the website, the ISO certificates and can highlight the security, both of the data center and of the traffic and infrastructure. For some customers that doesn't matter much, but other customers want to know the ins and outs of that. And then it's good that we can demonstrate these things," says team manager John Hertogs.

John even goes a step further: "It is mainly a matter of trust. We can rely on Combell as a partner, which is necessary for growth. Indeed, we can confidently guarantee quality to our customers: the application is running and will continue to run, because it is with Combell."

The road to your own IT solution

So, that's it! At Combell, we are really looking forward to working with you. Our focus is on delivering the best product for your website or applications, so that you can spend more time and energy on what really matters: growing your business.

As an MSP, we take the full maintenance and management of your IT infrastructure off your hands. Whether it's servers, cloud environments or network configurations, we make sure everything runs smoothly and you don't have to worry about technical issues.

But it does not stop there. At Combell, we strongly believe in personal service. Our team of experts is always ready to advise you, support you and respond quickly to your questions and challenges. We strive to be your reliable partner, so that you can trust your own IT solution with peace of mind. Shall we talk?

Frequently asked questions about a Managed Services Provider (MSP)