Website load time: nothing but ultrafast is good enough

The clock is ticking. Literally! On the Internet, every second counts, every millisecond even. No one wants to wait for a slow-loading website. A waiting customer, you've lost them. That is why you should make sure that your website has a fast loading speed. Combell takes care of this faster loading speed in - yes, exactly - no time!

Slow website? You're losing customers

Waiting a long time at a restaurant or your favorite shoes that just won't be delivered. We don't like to wait. Especially not on the internet. Customers want your website to load in no time. And they should! Did you know that 40% of internet users leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load? Time is money. So if you have an online store, you're losing a lot of profit. Rest assured that a fast website is extremely important for your business.

Don't you believe us! Ugh! At British public broadcaster BBC they once announced that they lost 10% of their visitors per extra loading second. Painfully.

Customers stay longer on fast sites

You've probably heard of conversion rate as a term. It measures how long it takes a website visitor to take action. That could be clicking through to your webshop, reading a product page ... Well, that conversion ratio is much lower for websites that load too slowly. It doesn't activate your customers.

Speaking of rates: if your know-it-all cousin tells you that your slow website probably has a high bounce rate, believe him for once. If your website is working slowly, a lot of surfers will click away after viewing just one web page.

Compare it to a customer walking into your store, and while you can still hear the doorbell, he's already outside. 😮

A graph of how many people leave your website the longer it takes to load.
Website load time: the longer it takes to load, the faster you lose visitors.

Fast loading time website important to Google

Launched the most beautiful and best website for your business and still not excelling on Google? That might be due to the loading time of your website. Fast and technically advanced websites rank better in Google's search results. Slow sites are thus literally brought down by search engines.

A better result in the most used search engine is therefore of great importance. Googling surfers will find your company much faster. That ranking has a huge impact on your brand awareness and brings you new customers.

Sites that rank on the first page get 91.5% of all Google traffic. Most users don't even go beyond that first page - sites on page 2 only get 4.8% of traffic, and on page 3 only 1.1%. And you wouldn't want to get a lower ranking, missing out on visitors and profit , would you?

Just as bad as being offline

Customers visit your website through a program, or internet browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge ... Well, you know them. Peep at the top left of your screen. Through which browser did you get here? 🙂

Remember that those browsers see slow websites as "down," which is as bad as being completely offline. Google Chrome even sanctions slow websites with a warning message. So your visitors get tossed right in their faces that your website is running too slow.

Combell guarantees you the fastest loading time

Another reason why fast load time is important: you have a simple right to it! You're not going to pay for - literally - slow service, are you? For such speed, you should be able to count on your hosting company.

Slow web hosting does have a big impact on load time. Perhaps you chose a hosting package that is too basic for your website? At Combell, we not only guarantee hosting that is 100% secure and always on, but also the fastest hosting on the market!

How Combell guarantees the fastest possible loading time of your website

With servers nearby

Choosing Combell also means choosing hosting on Belgian servers. A minor detail, you might think. Think again. The proximity of your servers will make your website load a few (milli)seconds faster. And that is a good thing, because online, every millisecond counts.

With an in-house Performance team

So, Combell makes sure that you and your website do not waste any more time. However, for our customers, we like to go one step further. Combell has a genuine Performance team ready for you. They analyse your infrastructure, find bottlenecks and even dive into your HTML code if necessary. Whatever it takes to make your website the fastest.

With performance jump and caching load times

If you want to get a performance jump with your site, make sure you optimize your loading speed. There's a clever way to optimize your server and your network as efficiently as possible and keep your website up to speed: caching.

Caching is when you temporarily store certain data for faster access. By keeping temporary copies of a website, your computer doesn't have to reload the data. That makes your website faster.

The good news: you can turn to Combell for the best caching solution. This way, you can discover, among other things, Varnish, the number one caching technology for super fast websites and applications!

The cover of our e-book: Lightning-fast sites with Varnish.

Give your website a speed boost with Varnish?

You should do it with our e-book! Download it here.

Need help selecting and implementing the best caching? Or are you curious about the benefits of caching and Varnish and how it all works? Combell's caching experts are ready for you. Contact our colleagues in order to learn more.

These clients already made a great (performance) leap!

Are you looking for the cause of your website's slow loading time? Combell will assist you in the search and will improve the loading time of your website. Several Combell customers, entrepeneurs just like you, have already boosted their infrastructure. Are they satisfied? They will share their impressions on our blog.

"Our web pages are almost four times faster since our move to Combell!"

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