Customer XPERT In Control testifies: “Combell fulfils its commitments”

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Allow us to introduce you to XPERT In Control

XPERT In ControlXPERT In Control, which is established in Rijssen, in the Netherlands, develops, sells and implements an overall solution for integral building security. For customers who prefer to outsource these security services, the company provides the necessary services on a cost-plus basis. The customer can follow every progress via the Projects Portal. But what exactly is XPERT In Control?

A maze of standards and requirements

A building must comply with countless standards, not only during the construction phase, but also afterwards, during daily use and maintenance. Just think of the checks conducted for various reasons, like fire safety, Legionnaires’ disease, elevators, heating plants, and many more. Different organisations can conduct such checks, but they usually only do it per discipline, like for elevators, Legionnaires’ disease or fire safety. Therefore, coordinating all of these checks and follow their progress is no bed of roses. With its Internet software XPERT In Control allows its customers to use an efficient and timesaving integral approach.

Wat does XPERT In Control do?

Acquatrust HSXpert softwareFirst of all, a risk management & compliance strategy is developed. Via a handy dashboard (Internet portal, app for tablet and smartphone), the customer can then schedule the checks to be conducted, perform them, monitor them, and if necessary adapt them. For each location and each discipline (fire safety, Legionnaires’ disease, elevators, working conditions...), the more than 1,600 users can see what has already been done and what still needs to be done. If some checks take too long to be conducted, a reminder is sent automatically. With this tool, users (hotels, health and educational facilities, housing associations, local administrations, manufacturers...) can also provide sufficient proof that they comply with all relevant laws, regulations and standards.

Inspection & Reporting tool

Installers and other professionals who e.g. regularly conduct checks on elevators, fire extinguishers, water quality, etc. can save their report in the same digital environment. For this, they can use the Inspection & Reporting tool developed by XPERT In Control. Via the handy associated app, they can create the desired report, including a photoreport, by simply pressing a button via their tablet. It goes without saying that this system allows to save considerable time. The quality differences between inspectors are eliminated, and the chances of errors when entering the data are reduced.

Projects Portal

An overview of all tasks is available in a handy dashboard, which can also be accessed via tablet and smartphone. XPERT In Control developed this Internet platform itself, based on the users’ feedback for each step of the development process. This is why co-owner and sales manager of XPERT In Control Peter Derks gives the following advice:

Peter Derks Acquatrust“Do not start developing new features before everything you have already built works properly. And pay sufficient attention to the implementation at the customer’s.”

Why Combell?

For the Internet platform with its 1,600 users, who manage a total of 20,000 locations, XPERT In Control went in search of a reliable business partner, which they found in Combell. Peter Derks:

“We conducted a selection, for which the price-performance ratio was a determining factor. We have an excellent relationship with Combell. They are absolutely wonderful to work with!"

A collaboration that is indeed excellent, as Derks puts it:

“Commitments are fulfilled. Things are not unnecessarily complicated. Everything remains understandable, even for people who have no technical skills.”

In short: a good price-performance ratio, and clear agreements