Bazookas delivers unique digital experiences thanks to Combell

Bruges-based studio Bazookas helps businesses – from major entertainment brands to social profit organisations – to immerse their target audience in a digital world by developing apps, games and educational concepts for web and mobile devices. When the audience feels deeply connected to the narrative, the experience delivered must, however, remain smooth for everyone. To achieve this, Combell provides high-performance, flexibly scalable hosting.

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Only a few know Bazookas, but many know their creations. As people of all ages are spending more and more time with digital media – on mobile devices, tablets, PCs or even in virtual or augmented reality – the agency makes sure they can enjoy amazing experiences. Interactive interfaces, apps and games immerse visitors or users in the story that brands and organisations want to convey. These include tailored apps for Kinepolis, Plopsaland, De Standaard and Child focus, as well as multimedia websites for Tele Ticket Service and Q-Music, or educational games for Christelijke Mutualiteit, Bond Moyson, Van In publishers and sports rehabilitation centre Move to Cure.

Bazookas project Child focus

Bazookas project Child focus

“Everything must run smoothly. And if we ask for support, I expect a quick answer. Combell meets both these requirements.” - Bert Waltniel, managing partner, Bazookas

“Storytelling is our main concern. For each of our customers, we work on a unique storyline, which we make available to the public through new technologies. We translate the story into something digital”, says Bert Waltniel, managing partner at Bazookas.


Serious games and entertaining concepts

Game concepts are a popular way for big brands to get their audience to spontaneously interact with the brand and involve friends or acquaintances. The interaction is often quite long, which means that it is possible to convey complex messages to the target audience.

“We are developers. Hardware and infrastructure management are not our areas of expertise.”

“Awareness is often the goal. It is not always easy to address a wide audience with a message about, say, healthy food, dental hygiene or the need for exercise. Serious games provide an answer to this challenge. It can range from fun awareness-raising to a permanent learning environment, such as the Bingel learning platform for primary schools. The Yum Runner, for example, teaches children the benefits of healthy nutrition and exercise in a playful way.

Bazookas project Yum runner

Bazookas project Yum runner

And the Brewgame app for iPad takes visitors to the Brugs Beer museum through the rich world of beer.

Bazookas project Brewgame

Bazookas project Brewgame

Smooth and technically flawless operation is of course essential for a good gaming experience. When a game or an app is part of a campaign, its popularity can skyrocket. And that should not be at the expense of the user experience. “The success of a press presentation is not always easy to assess. Sometimes it can be very sudden. In such a case, our infrastructure must be able to scale up immediately. We also see cyclical peaks, such as for the Plopsaland app during the school holidays.”


Hosting for tailored CMSs

Each creation is unique. Bazookas creates a specific Content Management System (CMS) for each new project. “Each time, we build a tailored CMS, hosted by Combell. We usually take care of the technical and creative realisation from A to Z in house. But we are developers. Hardware and infrastructure management are not our areas of expertise. We therefore gladly leave that part to Combell.”

“The infrastructure is fantastic. It is powerful, reliable and quickly scalable when we need it. We also regularly have meetings. If performance issues arise at any point, we examine them together. By bringing our expertise together, we always find the best technical solution. Combell also provides ongoing support for the maintenance of our servers.”

“We are a young company ourselves, also in terms of mindset. It is thus nice to find the same kind of mentality at Combell.”

“Everything has to work flawlessly. And I can call someone if there is a problem. If we ask for support, I expect a quick answer. I think that both of these aspects are essential for Combell's service provision. In addition, they opted for high-quality data centre facilities in Belgium.”


A perfect service with complete confidence

“As an agency, we regularly have to deal with demanding clients on a very tight schedule. That is why we like to work with a Belgian provider that understands our business. At Combell, everything runs very smoothly. They are easy to reach and react quickly, also to draw up a quote, for example.”

“The delivery must typically take place quickly. Things then have to happen at both Combell and us. In such cases, flexibility and speed make all the difference. We are a young company ourselves, also in terms of mindset. It is thus nice to find the same kind of mentality at Combell. Bazookas has been a Combell customer since 2015, even before I took over the company myself. We are very satisfied with the support they provide, which is why we are still part of their customer base today.”

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