What is an AAAA-record? How do I create / change it?

As with the A-record, the AAAA-record (or the quad A record) links your domain name to an IP address. The difference is that the A-record works with IPv4 (eg while the AAAA-record works with IPv6 (2002: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: d915: be51).


Follow these steps in the control panel to set an AAAA-record: 

  1. Go to “My products”> “DNS & forwarding management”> Click on the “DNS & forwarding” button to the right of your domain name.
  2. Select “AAAA-records” in the menu on the left (see figure).
  3. To change an existing AAAA-record , choose the host that you want to change and click on “Change”.
    Enter the new IP address and click on “Save”.
    Add a  new AAAA-record at the bottom of the list. Give a name to the subdomain in the left text field or leave it blank if you want to create the AAAA-record for the domain name itself.
    Enter the IP address and click on “Add”.
  4. The changes are activated. Remember that this can take 1 to 4 hours. You can check the active records via:  http://who.is/dns/

Changes to your AAAA records will only take effect after 1 to 4 hours

The distribution time is usually 1 hour, but can go up to 4.


Updated on 11 March 2020

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