Setup website after transferring your domain name

In order for your website and e-mail to work perfectly even after your transfer, you must adjust the DNS settings and update the name servers.

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  1. Adjust the A record to the IP address of your hosting
  2. Update your nameservers

1. Adjust the A record to the IP address of your hosting

The A record of the domain name must refer to the IP address of the server on which the hosting is placed.

For these 3 hostnames, enter the IP address of your hosting:

  1. The domain name itself:
  2. The www- subdomain: This way, visitors will also end up on your website if they put www in front of your domain name.
  3. The ftp subdomain: So that you can use this as a server name in an ftp program.

You can find this in the control panel via My products > DNS & Forwarding management > Your domain name > A-records (see image).

Exception for .NET hosting at Combell

The hostname of the ftp server is then always instead of.

If you still want to use in your ftp program, create a CNAME record for with the destination (see image) .


What is the IP address of my hosting?

Do you have web hosting with Combell? Then you will find the IP address in the control panel. Go to My Products > My Web Hosting. Open the account with which you want to work by clicking on the “Hosting details”. The IP address is stated in the overview.

My Products > My Web Hosting” width=”1308″ height=”849″></p>
    			</div><!-- /ht-toggle-content -->

    		<div class= Did you move your hosting in addition to your domain name?

Then you must move your website to the new hosting. At Combell we move your website to our hosting for free.

2. Update your nameservers

To enable the changes to the DNS settings, you must update the nameservers to those of your new provider. This closes the transfer of your domain name.

Tip: Only start this step if your e-mail and mailboxes are also set up correctly.

Have you switched to Combell? Follow these steps in the control panel

  1. Go to My products> Domain names> Your domain name> Name servers
  2. Choose “Combell name servers” and confirm (see image).

Read more about updating the name servers of your domain name

Attention! It can take up to 24 hours for this adjustment to be fully implemented. Afterwards your domain name and e-mail will be fully functional at Combell.

Updated on 27 October 2022

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