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Activating e-mail and mailbox after transferring your domain name

In order for your website and e-mail to work perfectly even after your transfer, you must adjust the DNS settings and update the name servers.

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1. Adjust the MX records

By default you use the mx-records of Combell (see image):

  • mx.mailprotect.be with a priority of 10
  • mx.backup.mailprotect.be with a priority of 50

These are the settings you need to use when your mail traffic goes through Combell. These settings can only become active after you have updated the name servers (see below)!

Are you e-mailing via an external provider? Ask about their DNS settings!

If you use an external provider such as Microsoft Office 365, Gmail or your own mail server for e-mail traffic, request the DNS settings from that provider in order to make sure your e -mail works correctly after the transfer.

As soon as you have those DNS settings (i.e. the modified mx record), you can easily adjust them in the Combell control panel via My products> DNS & Forwarding management. They only become active after updating the name servers (see below).

Changing mailbox providers?

2. Update your nameservers

In order to enable the changes to the DNS settings, you must also update the nameservers. This completes the transfer of your domain name.

Tip: Only start this step if your website is already set up correctly!

Have you switched to Combell? Follow these steps in the control panel

  1. Go to My products > Domain names > Your domain name> Name servers
  2. Choose “Combell name servers” and confirm (see image).

Attention! It can take up to 24 hours for this adjustment to be fully implemented. Afterwards your domain name and e-mail will be fully functional with the new provider.

Read more about updating the name servers of your domain name

Choose "Combell name servers"

Updated on 20 October 2022

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