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How to upgrade a basic mail mailbox?

Each Basic Mail mailbox has a limited size. If your mailbox reaches its capacity, you need to try and delete messages in order to free space. Unfortunately, deleting messages from your Inbox technologically happens by copying the content to the Trash folder first, and then deleting the content from your Inbox. That means when the capacity of the mailbox is reached you cannot delete messages from your Inbox. You may free some space if you already have messages in your Trash folder. Those can be deleted easily. If that is not the case, you will need to upgrade the capacity of your mailbox. The steps below tell you how.

  1. Follow “My Products” > “Email Hosting”
  2. Find the domain name which is a host to the email account you would like to upgrade. To the far right, click on “Management”
  3. You are now in the Overview of your Basic Mailbox control panel. To your left, click on “Mailboxes”.
  4. Click on the button that shows the current size of your mailbox.
  5. Now you will find the option to “Order an upgrade”.
Updated on 8 June 2021

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