How do I enable two factor authentication?

With two factor authentication (2FA) you add an extra layer of security to your login. You will then receive a code on your smartphone that you must enter to log in. That way your account is even more secure.

There are multiple applications you can use for two-factor authentication. In our case we will be looking at Duo Mobile, a free 2 factor authentication app that works for both iOS and Android users.

Follow these steps in the control panel :

  1. In the upper right corner, click on your name > “Personal Information”.
  2. Choose in the menu on the left for “Two-factor authentication”
  3. Then click the “Configure two-factor authentication” button.
  4. You now get an overview of the actions you need to take to set up two-step verification. Be the first to download an app to generate the code. In this example we use “Duo Mobile”
  5. Scan the QR code with the app you chose. If you are unable to scan, enter the alphanumeric string.

  6. The app will now give you a verification code. Enter it on the control panel and click on “Activate two-step verification”.
  7. From now on, when you log in, after typing in your username and password, you will have to enter the code from your Two-factor authentication app again.

Optional: In “Settings” > “General settings “you can opt to require two-step verification for all users of this customer account

Updated on 6 July 2020

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