Want to become a Combell Reseller? 7 reasons to say yes!

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As an IT service provider, you most probably manage domains, hosting accounts, databases and such for various customers. But have you ever checked out the benefits you could enjoy as a Combell Reseller? Contrary to what some people might think, a “reseller” is not a salesperson who hits the road with a briefcase in order to persuade people to buy products that they actually do not need. On the contrary, a Reseller is someone who, since he has several customers, can purchase products “in bulk” and therefore negotiate better conditions. The customer benefits from this, as does the Reseller, because he is able to offer tailored IT services at competitive prices. Here is a list of seven benefits:

1. High performance hosting solutions for large and small companies

  • Fast and secure
    Combell Shield houdt attacks tegen

If you provide your customer with Combell’s hosting services, quality and performance are guaranteed. The hosting packages run on powerful next-generation hosting clusters, which deliver high speeds on securely separate servers. Obviously, your customers will also benefit from the extra protection provided by Combell Shield, which includes advanced antispam and antivirus protection, DDoS protection, jailing, cluster configuration…

  • Flexible

As a Combell Reseller, you can very easily activate the Performance packages according to your needs. Temporary upgrades are also possible in order for web stores to be able to deal with traffic peaks when they run promotional campaigns or special deals. You can e.g. switch to 100 PHP workers and 1GB of PHP memory on the fly. On a shared hosting account, this is quite unique in the world of hosting.

  • Extra modulesredis caching hosting

If you use a Content Management System like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento for your customer, you can boost the system’s performance using additional modules such as Redis and Varnish. This way, you can also host large web stores at Combell with a clear conscience.

  • We’ve got your back

Of course, you can benefit from Combell’s renowned 24/7 support. As a Reseller, you often work outside office hours, and so does Combell!

2. A package tailored to your customer’s needs

Every customer has different needs. As a Combell Reseller, you can put the package together for your customer: number of databases, mailboxes, webspace size, performance hosting options… You can adapt this package any time, so that it can grow along with your customer’s needs. Here are a few benefits of your Reseller account:

  • Give your customers access via the FTP server
  • Secure folders on the server itself
  • Create personalised error pages
  • Activate statistics
  • Determine how long logs are kept
  • Configure cron jobs (tasks or scripts that are scheduled to run at specific times)
  • Activate caching add-ons such as Redis or Varnish
  • SSH access per account

3. The control panel: Combell Reseller’s command post

Your user-friendly control panel will allow you to manage all the features like DNS records, mailboxes, etc. very easily. You can add new options or change the quantity of current options (database, mailboxes, etc.). All changes are made in real time so that you can ensure a seamless provision of services to your customer. By adding tags to products, you can easily get a handy overview.

Tip: use the name of the customer as a tag to get an overview of all his products.

However, the control panel has many other features in addition to customer management. It is like a real command post, where you can e.g. also configure the PHP features, without having to edit the php.ini file. You can install scripts with a single click. No more tinkering, and what a time saver!

Combell has developed this control panel in-house, and we are really proud of it. Nevertheless, things can always be improved! This is why our teams work closely together with the Combell Resellers and constantly turn their expectations and suggestions into new features in the control panel.

Combell reseller worden controlepaneel

4. Even smarter: personal branded hosting

If you go for the personal branded feature, you will be able to offer your services under your own brand name. You can personalise the control panel for your customers based on your colours and logo, in order to remove all references to Combell. Your customers will log in using a personal login address that Combell will activate for you, like my.mycompany.be.

5. Meticulous control via user rights

Some customers will entrust you with the responsibility of taking care of all the settings, while others will want to have their say on certain aspects, like e-mail settings. And once again, our Combell Reseller account offers the perfect solution: you can give some customers and their staff full or limited access to the control panel, by assigning access rights to them for a specific domain name or product group. This can be done with a single click. It cannot get much easier than that!

Combell reseller webhosting

6. Volume discounts and a personal approach

As a Reseller, you can order services and options at your own pace. However, the more packages you purchase, the more money you save per package. In addition, you also get a discount on almost all other products offered by Combell.

Your personal sales account manager will always assist you. His expertise will help you turn all your projects into a success. The Combell Mover migration service will then take care of the practical side of the migration process, so that you can focus on your projects!

7. A test? Yes, you can!

Combell reseller resultaten

Do you want to show your customer a particular feature? As a Combell Reseller, you can effortlessly create a test account with this feature in order to perform the necessary tests. And if you close that test account within 48 hours, no charges will apply!

Convinced yet? Check out our conditions and rates on our Reseller pages!