Typo-pirates hijack your visitors

This will undoubtedly sound familiar : you type a domain name in the address bar and end up on another website than the one you were aiming for. This may be due to the fact that you made a typo whilst typing too quickly. Little accidents like these often get you to land on a website that you are absolutely not looking for and that is crammed with ads. The website you wanted to visit has apparently fallen prey to a typo-pirate or a typo-squatter. Those are dishonest people who register variations on domain names.

COMBELL investigated this phenomenon and offers a number of practical cases and solutions. You can read the entire article in the White Papers section of our website.

To protect you from becoming a victim of typo-squatting, COMBELL has launched a typo generator. In just a few seconds’ time, this Typo Generator produces a list of variations on your domain name.

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