Thijs gave his 200th presentation!

Chances are you have already seen Thijs Feryn, our tech evangelist, on stage at a conference you attended in the past. He often speaks at meetings, conferences and industry events and has been doing this for 10 years, both at home and abroad. Recently, Thijs could proudly announce that he had given his 200th presentation at a PHP congress in Las Vegas.

Historiek Thijs Feryn evangelistIt all started in 2007, when he joined the PHP community. Convinced that he also wanted to become a speaker, he started delivering some PHP presentations in 2008, which he gave as a guest lecturer at various colleges. As of 2009, he regularly spoke at PHPBenelux meetups, as well as various events organised by Combell.

His big breakthrough came in 2010, when he was given the opportunity to speak abroad for the first time: he then presented “PHP through the eyes of a hoster” at the Dutch PHP Conference in Amsterdam. This was followed by many other conferences in many different countries.

Thijs has already been seen speaking in 15 different countries: in Europe, the US and Canada, for groups of 5 to 1,000 people. And he still enjoys both small and large events, as long as he can go and preach his gospel.

Thijs mainly gives technical presentations, but also workshops, hands-on training and even inspiring keynotes. His key themes are the Cloud, automation, caching, performance tuning and PHP development.

Would you like to see our evangelist at work? Feel free to take a look at his portfolio site, where you will also find a calendar of all his scheduled presentations, as well as a glimpse into his past, from the very beginning in 2008 until now. We are definitely looking forward to the next series of 100 talks. Keep it up, Thijs!

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