The .health will soon be in Belgian hands?

At the ICANN meeting in Cairo, ISOC Belgium again stood up for the .health extension dossier. This extension has a twofold purpose. On one hand, it would be used for protecting confidential (medical) data and on the other hand, it would help promote medical institutions. The purpose is to attribute domain names with the .health extension only to authorized institutions that have been thoroughly screened beforehand.

ISOC Belgium had already submitted its request under the former regime for Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). As a matter of fact, the extensions will soon be liberalised. Currently, the entire proposition of ICANN (the managing entity) is open to feedback from the entire Internet community. According to the current plans, the starting price will be minimum 150.000 euros and the yearly subscription fee will be at least 60.000 euros, without even taking into account the necessary budgets for the technical infrastructure.

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