The Flemish Government wants .vla domain names

At the request of Mark Demesmaeker (NVA), Kris Peeters, the Minister-President of Flanders corroborated that there was interest to constitute a .vla domain extension. Recently, ICANN’s rules have indeed been modified and it will soon be possible to create one’s own domain extension for about 100,000 euros. This means that besides the traditional top-level domains, such as .com, .nl or .be, new combinations will also be possible, like e.g. .london, .newyork, .ebay, .smith, .tom, etc.

A report recently published by the consulting firm Gartner predicts that the new TLDs will indeed be useful, but it also states that standard TLDs, such as .com and all ccTLDs, like e.g. .nl and .be will remain dominant. Nevertheless, having your own domain extension can be a nice way to stand out.

To be continued…