The 12 millionth .de domain name has been registered

Yesterday, the 12 millionth .de domain name has been registered. According to DENIC, the instance that manages the German ccTLD, this confirms that .de domain names are the Germans’ first choice. So, there are currently 14,500 registered .de domains per 100,000 inhabitants.
Out of those 12,000,000 domain names, 400,000 are IDNs. These are domain names containing special characters, such as umlauts or accents. The .de domain extension has seen the light of day in 1986, but back then, only 6 registrations took place:,,,, and Until 1994, there were merely 1,000 domains. The great growth reaching up to 50,000 domains took place in 1997, when DENIC was created. Since then, growth was unstoppable and the .de domain name has become the 2nd most important TLD (Top Level Domain), which is only outdistanced by the .com.

Anyone can register .de domain names. Click here for further information about .de domain names.