Reseller Hosting changes September 2020

We are very proud to announce that on 01/09/2020 our Reseller Hosting will get a great transformation.

What can you expect on 01/09/2020?

A simpler offering with fewer formulas and fewer choices to consider. And within those packages more web space, more databases and more included features, like free caching to make sure that every package you create on your Reseller Hosting achieves a top performance!

Below we have summarized all the changes:

Reseller Standard becomes Reseller Pro

SpecificationStandard (before)Pro (new!)
SSD web space350 GB Linux (2,5 GB for Windows)450 GB Linux (50 GB for Windows)
Size databases1 GB2 GB
Number of databasesUnlimited100
Operating systemLinux / WindowsLinux / Windows
BackupsDaily - stored 14 daysDaily - stored 14 days
Varnish cachingX (option)128 MB*
MemcachedX (option)64 MB*
RedisX (option)64 MB*
Size free mailboxes50 GB75 GB
Number of free mailboxesUnlimited500
Price 1-10 packages

€ 7,49 / month

Price 11-60 packages

€ 6,99 / month

Price 61-100 packages

€ 5,99 / month

Price 101-200 packages

€ 4,92 / month

Price +200 packages

€ 4,42 / month

* Only for Linux packages


Reseller Performance becomes Reseller Ultimate

The Performance packages 1, 2 and 3 become one package. That way we keep only two clearly defined options on our reseller platform.

SpecificationPerformance (before)Ultimate (new!)
SSD webspace350 GB500 GB
Size databases1 GB5 GB
Number of databasesUnlimited250
Operating systemLinux Linux
BackupsDaily - stored 14 days Daily - stored 14 days
Ramdisk128 MB to 256 MB256 MB
Varnish cachingX (option)1 GB
MemcachedX (option)512 MB
RedisX (option)512 MB
Size free mailboxes50 GB100 GB
Number of free mailboxesUnlimited750
Price 1-10 packages

€ 19,99 / month

Price 11-60 packages

€ 18,99 / month

Price 61-100 packages

€ 16,99 / month

Price 101-200 packages

€ 15,40 / month

Price + 200 packages

€ 14,99 / month


How can you use the new formulas?

On 01/09/2020, Combell will automatically upgrade your Reseller Hosting, you don't have to do anything for that. But even if the specifications of the hosting packages that you can create change, Combell will not automatically adjust your own service packs. After all, you determine how you sell our hosting (how much web space, size of mailboxes, number of databases, ...) to your customers.

So if you want to take advantage of these better specifications, don't forget to adjust your existing service packs. You can also create new service packs with higher limits, which you can sell to your customers. The possibilities are endless, you decide which direction it goes.

Would you like advice or brainstorming on how to get the most out of the new specifications? Your personal account manager likes to think along with you. So don't hesitate to contact him.