PrestaShop encourages developers with… 1 million dollars!

PrestaShop, a content management system for e-commerce websites, is gaining popularity. In order to make it even more popular, a $1 million developer integration fund has been established, which is very good news for developers. And for the numerous PrestaShop web stores, this is the confirmation that their CMS will always be on the cutting edge!

CMS: open source provides the indispensable flexibility

Prestashop CMSThose who want to build their store on the Internet can choose from different content management systems. Such a CMS does not make use of static pages; when users visit the website, the desired content is retrieved from a database that contains products or text. These data are then instantly presented in the website template. If the visitor clicks on a link, or changes his options (e.g. in order to search for a product), the content displayed on his screen is directly and automatically updated.

Flexibility is therefore very important for such content management systems. No wonder that open source systems are the most popular. Because countless alternatives can be built based on a standard CMS, taking account of the specific requirements of each web store. And when new products are added, descriptions are changed, new VAT rates are introduced, new shipping methods are available, etc., everything can be perfectly integrated into these open source CMSs.

PrestaShop: a community of 900,000 retailers, developers and Web agencies

One of the e-commerce CMSs that are rapidly gaining popularity is PrestaShop. This CMS, which was launched in 2007, is now used by 250,000 web stores all over the world. PrestaShop is also supported by a loyal community, and in 2014, it even won the People's Choice CMS Award for the best web store software for SMEs.

In order to encourage the growth and the development of the CMS, a $1 million integration fund has recently been established. Developers can dip into this “pot” as a reward for the modules that they have developed as add-ons for the e-commerce platform.

Besides this one-time little help, developers will also get a fair income via their PrestaShop module: in 2015, the company is expected to pay 5 million dollars to the developers who sell their modules on the PrestaShop AddOns marketplace.

A strong community that ensures constant updates

The success of an open-source project largely depends on the developers. And a dynamic community guarantees a constant evolution of the project, as well as a fast implementation of new trends in e-commerce.

This is why you should know that the company behind PrestaShop does everything to maximise the enthusiasm of the community. And it works, as seen during the recent Prestashop Day, which was held in Paris on June 11th, where everything was under the sign of the PrestaShop community. In addition to different workshops, conferences and round tables, management members of Airbnb, Pinterest, Wase, Asel and OVH also presented various speeches.

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