Outsourcing pays off: the share of Hosted Exchange will keep growing

  • 2 June 2008
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According to a recent study conducted by THE RADICATI GROUP, the share of Hosted Exchange mailboxes will increase from 19% to 26% in 2012. Hosted Exchange indeed offers numerous additional advantages in comparison with an in-house version of Exchange. As a matter of fact, in the first case, in-company installation of software and hardware is unnecessary, mailboxes can be immediately consulted from any location on the planet and via several media (computer, PDA, smartphone, web access, etc.) and no initial investment is required since there is a fixed monthly fee. In addition to SMEs, numerous large companies have already chosen for this Exchange hosting. By outsourcing, your company can focus on its core business. SaaS (Software As A Service) allows this software to be accessible to anyone.

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