Openminds and Combell joined forces boosting DevOps approach!

Combell has taken over Openminds, which, with its 21 employees, specialises in tailored server management. This “worry-free” Ghent-based provider, whose clients are mainly web agencies, attaches great importance to tailored solutions, flexibility and availability.

Specialists in DevOps

Together, they will continue to develop Combell’s DevOps approach. This is an approach in which the application of the customer is approached from both the development and the operational viewpoints. This approach makes it possible to build more reliable applications and guarantees faster delivery.

This approach, which the Ghent-based provider knows inside out, is also fully in line with the DevOps ideology that Combell also pursues. Thanks to their expertise, this approach can now be taken even further.

Openminds and Combell joined forces

What does this mean for Combell and Openminds?

In addition to the DevOps specialisation, the knowledge that Openminds has acquired over the past years is a perfect addition for Combell. Furthermore, Openminds will be able to focus even more on its strengths and will be able to access – thanks to the new collaboration – many new products. This forms the ideal base to take application management to a next level.

Welcome, Openminds!