Getting your website created by AI? Yes, it’s possible!

Artificial Intelligence (AI), it's everywhere you look. Because it can do all sorts of things. All well and good, but how can you use this groundbreaking technology for your own business? Very simply: you can have your own website made by AI*.

*Don't believe us? Ask ChatGPT & Co. themselves. 😉

Building a website with AI

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world. While initially it was mainly the clever IT wizards at tech companies who used the technology, now even the butcher around your corner has discovered AI. That's not even an exaggeration!

So, it's just a small step to have your site made with AI. 😜 Because AI goes far beyond the clever word processor that can write poems or solve your children's homework. Both advanced algorithms and innovative machine learning are integrated into various website builders or web design platforms.

Creating a website via AI doesn't have to be difficult at all!
Creating a website via AI doesn't have to be difficult at all!


It's now even easier for a complete novice without technical knowledge to conjure up a website online. Moreover, the results will only get better. AI designs your website, reducing the need for manual adjustments.

That's because AI continuously learns and will better cater to your needs. Thanks to the latest techniques, you'll get the best layout, the most beautiful color schemes, the right pages, all kinds of suitable photos, and captivating copy.

Benefits of having your website made through AI

Having a website made with AI is always cheaper than through a professional web designer.
Having a website made with AI is always cheaper than through a professional web designer.

Having a beautiful website made through AI comes with several advantages. The time and costs you can save alone are a significant benefit. When you're expanding your business, every second counts, as does every euro.

Faster building

For clarity: when using a good website builder, you're always working faster than diving into code from scratch or outsourcing website creation to an agency. But it can be even quicker. After all, you already have so much to consider.

When you use a website builder with AI, you no longer have to figure everything out yourself. Take your website's design, for example. You don't have to shape it yourself in any way. Whether with or without AI, our renowned SiteBuilder always does that for you by showcasing templates. However, you still need to choose from those templates.

This might be challenging if you're someone who's always indecisive. By issuing commands, AI itself will make a choice from several perfect website designs. The same goes for determining your website's structure or writing text: you don't need to rack your brains over it. An AI website builder takes all that work off your hands. Thanks to this time-saving, you can focus even more on all the other aspects of running your business."

Cost savings

You can collaborate with a web developer or approach an external agency to create your webshop. However, such craftsmanship naturally comes at a significant cost. While outsourcing your website certainly has its value, as a starting entrepreneur, it's not a bad idea to build an inexpensive website yourself.

This brings you quickly to website builders and platforms. Such tools are never the most expensive options on the market. Very often, the integrated AI website builder comes with your package or requires a small additional fee. Either way, the investment is more than worthwhile. With an AI website builder, you'll always end up spending less.


Those who choose SiteBuilder with Combell don't have to pay for hosting separately. The hosting for your professional website is included in your package!

Scoring on Google

"SEO? That's work for later; I'm already too busy!" Wrong! From the beginning, you should build the Search Engine Optimization of your website. This ensures your site is easily discoverable. If you don't do that, SEO can literally cost you a lot of money. Missing out on the first search results of Google can significantly impact your website's visibility and potential income.

When you build your site with platforms like SiteBuilder and WordPress, you already benefit from many integrated SEO options. Artificial Intelligence even provides you with texts that are immediately SEO-optimized!

Secure website

Over the years, website builders like SiteBuilder have grown significantly in user-friendliness and appearance. Moreover, such tools are usually in the hands of hosting providers. Choose a good provider, and you can always count on reliable hosting and security measures that ensure an ultra-secure website. In case of issues or queries, you can rely on round-the-clock free support. 😉

Getting a professional website made by AI: how?

Here at Combell, we're fans of two platforms with an AI website builder. Let's go over them briefly so you can better assess which one is suitable for your business or project.

SiteBuilder with AI website builder

An absolute beginner with limited time? Then hitch your wagon to SiteBuilder with its AI website builder. You don't even have to doubt it. Those unfamiliar with programming but still wanting to create a website themselves will find SiteBuilder perfect.

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With our SiteBuilder, you won't incur high monthly costs for an AI website builder.
With our SiteBuilder, you won't incur high monthly costs for an AI website builder.

Consider the integrated AI website builder as your personal assistant. Whether you're a hairdresser, veterinarian, or an architect... Once you indicate your needs, AI begins crafting your tailor-made website. You simply need to specify your website's focus and the essential elements. That ranges from the right pages to the best photos.

Managed WordPress AI Assistant

Are you well-versed in WordPress? Do you understand how a Content Management System (CMS) works? But designing your entire website on your own seems daunting? Then, you can have your website created by the AI Assistant integrated into Combell's Managed WordPress offering.

The Site Assistant aids in setting up your WordPress website. Clearly state your needs, and the AI of the Site Assistant builds your website.

With the Managed WordPress Site Assistant, you can effortlessly launch a responsive website online.
With the Managed WordPress Site Assistant, you can effortlessly launch a responsive website online.

For instance, check what you aim to achieve, and the Site Assistant will add suitable features to your website. This includes the right pages, appropriate texts, and a professional finish. An added benefit: working with WordPress grants you your own testing environment and numerous expansion possibilities later on. The sky is the limit!

No tedious tasks

The inclusion of the AI Assistant in Managed WordPress is a significant advantage. This means that Combell takes care of your website's maintenance, as well as all updates. And what about handy backups?

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WordPress utilizes various plugins. They're very useful tools, but they need to function properly. With Managed WordPress, it's your hosting provider diving under the hood. You don't have to get your hands dirty. And it's the AI Assistant that conjures up your professional WordPress website online. 🙂

Cost of getting a website made via AI

What are the costs of a website created through AI?
What are the costs of a website created through AI?

Great question! It all depends on the platform you choose. Some are more expensive than others. Dare to compare and check what you get in return.

Let's revisit SiteBuilder and Managed WordPress. Although the AI website builder isn't included in every SiteBuilder package, you'll never pay exorbitant amounts. You can have your website made for as low as 9.99 euros per month. Who knows, you might even score a handy discount now and then! 😉

AI across all Managed WordPress hosting

Regarding the AI Assistant of Managed WordPress, the smart tool is integrated into each of our three packages: Managed Business, Managed Professional, and Managed Expert. The scope of your site will determine which package suits you. You can start from as low as 7.48 per month.

Developing a website with AI... The choice is yours!

Whether building your website yourself or having it made via AI, the fact is that website platforms with an AI website builder ensure even those with limited technical knowledge can easily and enjoyably create professional-looking websites.

Those who take the step toward AI quickly boost their online presence, creating an accessible business ready for the future. Let those website visitors come!

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