.GENT releases “Premium” domain names… How can one register them?

.GENT is the ultimate Internet extension for Ghent and made a very successful start when it was released last year. At that point, however, there was a list of more than 500 popular domain names, called “Premium Domain Names”, whose registration was blocked. These are domain names such as cafe.gent, hotel.gent or restaurant.gent. Now, we know how and when these domain names will be released.


What .gent domain names are we talking about?

To check out the list of all the more than 500 domain names that will be released, please click here. These domain names are extremely popular, like cafe.gent, hotel.gent and restaurant.gent.


How will these premium domain names be released?

premium .gent domain namesBetween 23 and 27 February, the domain names included on the list will be available for registration on a “first come, first served” basis (the fastest applicant gets the domain name). You will pay a one-time fee whose amount will depend on the day you will register the domain name. These are the prices:

  • On 23/02/2015: EUR 5,000.00 / domain name
  • On 24/02/2015: EUR 2,500.00 / domain name
  • On 25/02/2015: EUR 1,000.00 / domain name
  • On 26/02/2015: EUR 500.00 / domain name
  • On 27/02/2015: EUR 150.00 / domain name

The annual registration fee of EUR 25.00 is charged for each registration. There will be no extra charges after that; they will be regarded as regular domain names.


How can I sign up for the registration of such a “Premium Domain Name”?

If you are interested in a specific domain name, it is essential to assess the risks involved in choosing one day or another. If you really want the domain name, you should register it on the first day (02/23). If your budget does not allow it or if the domain name is not that important to you, you can choose a later date.

We at Combell give you the opportunity (now!) to choose your desired domain name via My Combell, as well as the day you want us to register it. You can do this until midnight the day prior to your chosen date.

But keep in mind that if you choose to register your domain name on 02/27, and another customer wants to register it on 02/23, Combell will try to register the domain name on 02/23. You will be notified via e-mail when another customer requests an earlier registration. You will then have the opportunity to change your registration (if you want to), until midnight the day prior to the date on which the domain name should be registered.


Would you like to participate? Or do you have any further questions? Please call our domain specialists on 0800 85 678.