Dutch Dream IT is happy with the Combell Reseller Platform

Web agency Dream IT from Gouda, the Netherlands, uses Combell's reseller hosting to host all customer websites and web stores. Jona Kamsteeg, Partner at Dream IT, testifies.

The Combell partner as a point of contact

Dream IT is a Dutch IT company. We build websites and web stores, in addition to web applications for Dutch customers in the SME sector. And we act as a Combell partner to this end. This means that Combell provides hosting for all our customers, while we provide the service between Combell and our customers.

So, we act as the point of contact for our customers who are hosted by Combell. Larger customers especially want more uptime, and a faster loading site. That is why they are hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). We are in charge of one large web store, which requires resources management. And a VPS is the perfect choice for that.

Combell VPS Server Hosting

User-friendly control panel

User-friendly-control-panel-of-Combell-reseller-hostingCombell's platform is very user-friendly. Once you are logged in, everything is clearly displayed. All the important things you need to take care of when you want to launch a website are right at your fingertips.

We have even been able to create separate accounts for some customers, so that they can manage their own domain or mailbox. As a reseller, you can decide if you want your customers to manage things themselves. If you have customers that are technically skilled, they can handle things on their own. The partner can, however, still keep an eye on the situation to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

This allows you to serve all kinds of customers. You give the more technically skilled customers the opportunity to manage things on their own, and act as a partner and point of contact. And for customers who do not want to deal with anything that is related to hosting, you can arrange everything yourself, via the platform.

“As a Combell partner, you can serve all kinds of customers: you give technically skilled customers the opportunity to manage things on their own, and for the others, you can arrange everything yourself, via reseller hosting.”

SSL certificates can also be automatically requested via the dashboard

If you run a web store, you need an SSL certificate. After all, you want to protect the data that are sent from the web store to the server. But regular websites also increasingly need SSL, for example for an event registration form, or for payments made for other things than the ones sold by web stores.

Combell has a wide range of SSL certificates for you to choose from. Some customers are willing to pay extra for the well-known green address bar, while others are not.

Actually, a simple e-mail to Combell is enough to request a certificate. Recently, however, we have increasingly been using automatic requests via the control panel. You can enter all the details yourself. Validation and authentication of the associated e-mail addresses are also fully automated. And that is a real time-saver, which is what really matters at the end of the day.

Service and availability

The main reason why we have chosen Combell is the service the company provides. When I call Combell, I immediately get someone on the phone who is able to help me right away. My call is not transferred to a first or second line support engineer, and nobody gives me the runaround.

The staff is also available 24 hours a day. As a partner, we have already had a few jobs with Combell where we had to carry out a migration, at night, and the great thing is that you can update a website at midnight and have Combell get you live support, so to speak. That is one of the key assets for us.

“You can update a website at midnight and have Combell get you live support, so to speak. And that is extremely important for us.”

A control panel to manage everything quickly, in real time

Another benefit is the control panel, which provides access to our reseller hosting. There, you can manage everything yourself without having to call one of Combell's collaborators for every little detail. Can you enable this for me? Can you arrange that for me? This way, you no longer have to wait for all that.

We sometimes hear from colleagues from other IT companies that they have problems with their hosting provider – that a domain name is difficult to transfer, for example... And then, we look at them strangely and ask: “Guys, what are you talking about? Because we do not have any of those problems!” So, I would definitely recommend Combell to other people.

We have a partner company that also partly needs hosting, and we would also like to have Combell take care of it. It is not that hard to make people realise that they can always do better!

The benefits of partnering with Combell:

  • You act as a point of contact for end customers
  • Guaranteed uptime & loading times
  • Managed Resources
  • Team & customer management
  • Advanced rights management
  • Wide range of SSL certificates
  • Real-time activation
  • Personal & direct service
  • 24/7 availability
  • Support at night for migrations
  • Manage & configure everything yourself
  • Never worry about hosting again

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