Domain names are immune to the crisis

domainpuzzleVeriSign announced that in 2008, 24 million new domain names have been registered worldwide. By the end of December, there was a total of 177 million domain names among TLDs, which represents an increase of 16% in comparison to the year before. .com domains are always getting the lion's share (90.4 million), followed by China, Germany and the United Kingdom, and then the other county code TLDs (.cn, .de and .uk domains together represent 47% of all ccTLDs). In this context, it is important to mention that the number of ccTLDs increases faster than the number of generic domains such as .com or .net. This is probably due to the fact that among national extensions, there are still interesting domain names to register, while among generic domains, almost all good names have already been taken.

But are all domains renewed after their registration? Apparently, business people do always put their trust in the Internet, because the answer to this question is “yes”. The renewal percentage reaches 85 %, but here also, the same trend applies: ccTLDs have been more renewed than .com and .net domains.

Moral of the story? Country code domains are very popular and appreciated. What business people want above all is a domain with their own national extension in order to reinforce their local presence. If they succeed to get a domain, they keep it as a valued asset for their company.
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