Combell and ONE Agency: the perfect marriage of ICT and creativity

ONE Agency is a communication agency that specialises in digital and social media – an activity that requires quite a lot of technological support. “And what is more, we need a partner that provides us with technological solutions; not a company that just sells us services. Because we do know our challenges well, but we also need an expert that knows what ICT solutions are best suited to them. And Combell does this for us”, says Sven Bally, CEO at ONE Agency.

Technology according to creativity

The creative minds at ONE Agency continually design promotional activities and campaigns for their trademarks. In that context, they prefer to have as few boundaries as possible. “We focus on the results that a campaign can produce for our clients. And when we do this, we like to go all out. With many multimedia and creative websites. So, we do not want to come to a standstill because of the lack of efficiency or the limitations of our network and our servers. They are subordinate to our ideas”, says Sven Bally.

Combell provides a carefree infrastructure in the Cloud

“The plans at ONE Agency are ambitious”, says Pieter Cantaert from Combell. “And after a thorough analysis, we decided to install eight virtual machines for them in a private cloud configuration. This configuration is easily scalable and can thus support large-scale projects rapidly. In addition, it allows to separate older and new projects.”

A well-designed configuration

Pieter Cantaert: “The private cloud of ONE Agency is perfectly suited to the agency. After we delivered everything, they made some specific modifications for their Drupal projects. We took a snapshot of this final configuration. With it, we can have a new virtual machine up and running in no time.” “Another interesting feature is the central NFS volume, on which the agency now saves all the web data for all its projects. Any web server in their own cloud can use these data.”

About ONE Agency

ONE Agency designs digital and social media campaigns for large and small companies. Drupal specialists build fantastic websites and applications, strategists design an infallible communication plan and developers create a nice design for the whole thing. For further details, please visit