Combell and 2bMore: a digital success story

2bMore helps its customers with CRM and ERP solutions. Because they provide a wealth of information on consumer behaviour, trends, profitability and sales triggers. Of course, it is preferable that all these systems no longer run on local servers. 2bMore customers want to be able to access these data (that form the backbone of their organisation) at any time and from anywhere.

Software as a service

The logical solution for 2bMore is Software as a service. With this model, customers have all the necessary features at their disposal without the high costs of licenses and substantial investments in ICT. In addition, this model always allows to start new projects in no time.

Obviously, Software as a service requires a solid hosting infrastructure. This is why Combell guarantees maximum availability of data and applications in the Cloud. Strict and well-documented SLAs complete the range of services.

White label and privacy

2bMore customers do not get to see the name of Combell. All services are provided using a white label. Only SLAs explicitly refer to Combell.
Another aspect was crucial for 2bMore: privacy. Of course, nobody wants his data disclosed publicly – this is actually forbidden by law. So, Combell secured the network access to the databases at several levels. Auditor PwC also gave a particularly high score to this level of security.

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