Capacity of Combell network extended to 70 Gbits/s

  • 22 July 2014
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AMS-IXThis will probably not mean much to those of you who are not knowledgeable in the technical field, but is certainly excellent news for everyone. The Combell network has recently been upgraded and now has a capacity of no less than 70 Gbits/s for uploading to the web. Recently 20 Gbits/s were added thanks to our close collaboration with BICS.

The upgrade was necessary for offering our clients the best possible accessibility, everywhere and at any time. DDos attacks, by which a malicious party can control a great deal of traffic from various places with the aim of deactivating the service, are no longer that infrequent. Combell has recently taken various steps for combating these DDoS attacks, but thanks to our collaboration with BIC we can now check the content on our network more effectively and can react rapidly in the event of problems. The technique is one which we are already applying in the Netherlands via our AMS-IX connection.

This upgrade proves once again Combell’s commitment to quality. Thanks to carefully thought out strategic decisions combined with the expertise of the best specialists in the sector we are able to improve our clients’ experience every day.