Adding dedicated web hosting to your hosting range as a partner

Combell’s hosting solutions now also include dedicated web hosting. This article is specifically for our partners who want to offer this new form of hosting to their customers.

Partners are important for CombellPartners are very important to Combell, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate this into your existing working method. Below, we will discuss the different scenarios and how we added the new hosting to them. No matter if you want to launch a new project on dedicated web hosting or if you want to upgrade an existing package – we have a flow for every situation! 

Dedicated web hosting: control, but no extra worries

Dedicated web hosting offers you the best of both worlds. You enjoy the standard benefits of Combell's web hosting, such as our Combell Shield, which provides all the necessary security measures, and our user-friendly control panel, which makes management very easy.

But you also get a separate server that you do not have to share with others, which makes it possible for us to provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement). Therefore, you have full control over the server and its resources (RAM, CPUs, etc.).

Dedicated web hosting is ideal for these projects

Does your customer have higher demands in terms of uptime, backups or response/recovery times in the event of business-critical incidents? When you opt for dedicated web hosting, you benefit from an SLA (Service Level Agreement), which guarantees uptime, a response time of less than 15 minutes and a recovery time of less than 30 minutes.

If your customer expects more and more traffic, no need for a migration. You can easily upgrade to dedicated web hosting. The dedicated resources ensure that the server can handle this situation without any difficulty. You will not be inconvenienced by your neighbours (nor will they be inconvenienced by you).

In short: dedicated hosting gives your customer full control over the resources of his own server, without him having to worry about management. Combell will take that concern off your hands.

Here is how you can create a new dedicated hosting package

Are you not (yet) working with Combell's reseller platform, or do you want to offer this package separately from your existing reseller platform?

If so, you can simply order the new package, exactly as you would with other forms of web hosting. The same agreements apply as when offering our web hosting to your customers.

Are you already active on the reseller platform?

Service packs on the reseller platform for dedicated web hostingIn that case, you will surely be familiar with the principle of service packages. On our reseller platform, you can create your own range of hosting services. You can create your own hosting packages with a distribution of resources of your choice. You can create as many packages as you like, and you can even give them their own name. You can e.g. go for silver - bronze - gold or small - medium - large - extra large.

You can offer dedicated web hosting in the same way on your existing platform. All you need to do is make your choice based on the predefined packages (Essential, Professional, Expert and Expert+), according to the specifications that apply to all end users. You can rename them any way you want.

You only need to create such a package once. Afterwards, you can easily select it as a possible package for a project.

Dedicated hosting at Combell: you can control the resources of your own server, without having to worry about management – Combell will handle this for you!

This is how you can upgrade from an existing package to dedicated web hosting

Your customer already has a web hosting package with Combell

Just go to your control panel, and click on upgrade next to the desired shared hosting package. Select the desired package (Essential, Professional, Expert or Expert+), and you are done! Scaling up is that easy, and your customer will not experience any downtime at all!

You want to upgrade an existing service package to dedicated hosting

If you have not done so yet, first create a service package for the dedicated web hosting you want to offer (read how). In the specifications, select one of the predefined packages for dedicated web hosting, like Essential for instance. Give your service package a name, like Platinum for instance. From now on, you will be able to upgrade your customer from the hosting package you already offered to your platinum packages with dedicated web hosting.

You want to upgrade from VPS/OpenStack hosting/Cloud to dedicated web hosting:

This does require a migration, and it is best to contact us to request it. In consultation with you, we will then discuss how and when the migration should be carried out for optimal results.

You can also upgrade from a cloud server to dedicated hosting, because you can then add the benefits of the Combell platform to your cloud. In this case, too, we will coordinate the migration with you.

Allow your customers to enjoy the benefits of Combell dedicated web hosting: control over the resources of your own server, and total peace of mind thanks to Combell!

See the specifications that Combell offers for this hosting, and explore the possible options. VPS, OpenStack, cloud, dedicated web hosting, ... Hard to tell which is best for you? Our specialists are available 24/7 with free advice!

Find out more about dedicated web hosting at Combell