600.000 Belgian websites on the net

pc_logoDNS.be, the organization that manages the .be domain name, has completed a study which reveals the number of websites that are linked to the registered .be domain names. And that percentage turns out to be high: 605.067 Belgian websites are actually on the net. That means that 7 out of 10 owners of a .be domain actually use this domain.

What about the remaining 30%? 14% of the .be domain names redirect the Internet user to another domain name. This can e.g. be a blog provided by a well-known platform (such as blogger), a simple page of the provider, but also a subdomain of an existing website. Only 16% of the domain names do not have a website. But that does not mean that these domains are not used – they can indeed be used to create e-mail addresses.

DNS.be also examined the technical elements of these websites. It seems that the technical level of the Belgian websites is good. 57% contain JavaScript, 56% CSS and 11% Flash. What is surprising is that only 27% of the homepages work with keywords, which are used to clearly tell search engines what the page is about. So, there is still work to be done in this regard!

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