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What does SSL mean in the context of mail?

SSL is used to secure internet traffic between a website and a visitor. With an SSL certificate, you have an encrypted HTTPS connection. That ‘S’ is important because it stands for Security. Hackers have no chance of intercepting sensitive data. You can also use SSL to secure your mailbox.

What is ‘SSL mail’?

What does SSL mean in mail? There’s actually a pretty simple answer to that. You can also use a secure connection via SSL for your mailbox. This way, you ensure that cyber criminals cannot intercept your e-mails.

To establish such a secure SSL mail connection, you need to choose the right ports for your incoming and outgoing e-mails.

Do you have a basic mailbox with us? Then these are the details you need to activate ‘SSL connection mail’:

Incoming mail server:
imap.mailprotect.be (port 993) = IMAP4 SSL

Outgoing mail server:
smtp-auth.mailprotect.be (port 465)

Apple uses alternative to SSL on mailboxes. They have choosen TLS. We will spare you the technical explanation, but just like SSL, TLS ensures a secure connection. The difference is in the port for your outgoing e-mails. It is no longer 465 but 587.

Need help setting up your mailbox with a secure SSL connection? Use our manuals:

Updated on 30 August 2023

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