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How to Edit the “Thank you for your order” Page in SiteBuilder

Your Thank you for your order page shows after a customer has completed an order from your online store. Your SiteBuilder online store comes with a default Thank You page which you can edit to your needs.

  1. To get to your Thank You page, log in to the editor and to your homepage. Then, add the following after your SiteBuilder’s website address:


    The address will look something like this: cms.onlinestore.com/order-complete/

  2. You can edit this page just like every other page in your store and can add any content you would like. Edit the existing text by clicking in the text box and then adding or editing the text to your liking. Try adding forms to get direct feedback from your customers about their experience and what they would need in the future. You can also add other content such as images, videos or buttons. Your Thank You page can look like this:

Updated on 27 September 2022

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