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How do we measure your usage as a Reseller?

To ensure that you only pay for what you used per hour, we store an image of your account every hour. That way you can only activate a hosting account for an hour and only pay for that one hour.

You can use the Pay-As-You-Use function of your control panel to see a detailed daily report of your charges and an estimate of your monthly charge.


Where can I find the Pay-As-You-Use function?

Follow these steps in the control panel :

  1. Go to “Administration”> “Pay-as-you-use”
  2. Click on “Details” next to the checkout period you want to view.
  3. This screen shows the active accounts, active add-ons, used service packages, invoiced days, and total monthly prices


When are your accounts and add-ons charged?

  • Accounts and add-ons that have been active for less than 2 days (48 hours) are not charged. However, if you do not delete the account/add-on within the first 48 hours, you will be billed for it – from the first day it existed.
  • In case you have added a new account or add-on this month and it has existed for more than 48 hours, the charges will start from the first hour the account (add-on) was added, to the last hour of the month.
  • In case you have deleted an account or add-on at some point this month, the charges will end on that same day/hour.
  • In case you have downgraded or upgraded an account, it will be listed two times – once for the lower, and once for the larger package, with their respective prices and duration.
Updated on 30 June 2020

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