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How can I control my Fax services?

Your Fax Services account will allow you to send and receive Fax messages without the need of you having a Fax machine. Via email, and a special fax number we assign to you.

Follow these steps in the control panel to view an overview and the settings of your Fax services:

  1. Go to “My Products”> “Fax Services”> Click “Manage Fax” next to the fax number
  2. In the overview you see your:
    1. Credit. This is the account credit you have left for your fax messages. (You can see our per page rate in the Send a Fax section.)
    2. Recipients. This is the email address that will receive the messages sent to your fax number (as attached PDF).
    3. Fax-to-mail settings. Here you can edit your settings to receive fax via email.
    4. Mail-to-fax settings. Here you can edit your settings to send fax via email.Overview online fax
  3. For further management click on “Settings” on the side menu, at the bottom.
  4. In the “Fax-to-mail” tab you can:
    • Change your recipient address. OR add more – you can receive at more than one email address.
    • You can change the format in which you will receive the actual fax message you were sent – the format of the attachment it comes in.Fax-to-mail
  5. For more settings switch to the “Mail-to-fax” tab. Here you can:
    1. Change the sender email address. This is the address our system will recognize as allowed to send faxes from your account.
    2. You can change the subject.
      Our system will only recognize emails sent to a specific email domain and having a specific subject. Only they will be converted.mail-to-fax


Updated on 14 July 2020

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