Why should you care about Extended Validation Certificates?

The Internet is becoming less secure by the day. And no, this is no sales pitch in anticipation of the next elections. This is the naked truth: online stores are getting more and more successful, but the number of people falling victim to cybercriminals is growing too. So, extra security is definitely necessary. Because if customers do not feel secure, they will not provide their credit card information.

That is why Extended Validation Certificates are crucial. These SSL certificates guarantee your users that your web store is safe, because the owner’s identity has been thoroughly checked. And because all information is sent in encrypted form. These EV certificates also clearly show the security level: the address bar of your visitors’ browser becomes green. You can see this right away.

EV certificates are the best security solution for your web store. And customers like to shop on a secure site. So, do not hesitate to check out Combell’s EV SSL certificates offer.

Until 31 October 2012, you get a 50% discount on the activation fee for a Comodo EV SSL certificate, as well as 1 year of SSL certificate for free.

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