What’s in the cloud for you?

  • 18 June 2010
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ISACA is an association that gathers 75.000 IT professionals. Recently, the Belgian branch organised a panel about “What’s in the cloud for you?”. The Cloud was thoroughly approached from three angles: technical, legal and compliance.

Our CTO, Benjamin Jacobs, took care of the technical talk about SaaS (“Software as a Service“), PaaS (“Platform as a Service“) and IaaS (“Infrastructure as a Service“) and the differences between Managed and Unmanaged Cloud. Professor Van Eecke from the University of Antwerp talked about the juridical implications of Cloud hosting. Among other topics, he spoke about privacy concerns, e-commerce legislation, electronic signatures and the importance of choosing a reliable partner, about whom you know what he does with your personal data. The last speaker was Marc Vael (Information Security & Audit specialist at the Flemish Monitoring Board). He went into detail about the governance and security aspects of the Cloud.