The new Top-Level Domains: full speed ahead!

  • 12 December 2013
  • Reading time: 2 min
  • News is coming, as are the new gTLDs. And you will be able to build a .CASA in .BUDAPEST, where you can go .COOKING or .FISHING like an .EXPERT, and perhaps even ride a .HORSE!

ICANNN released its latest statistics on the launch procedure for the new generic Top-Level Domains or, simply put, the new suffixes that you will from now on see at the end of a domain name, just as the ccTLDs like .BE or .NL and the traditional gTLDs such as .COM, .BIZ or .INFO.

All 1930 companies and organisations that submitted an application to get the right to manage their own gTLD have been notified that they are eligible to sign an agreement. 969 applicants received a Contract Information Request and, meanwhile, 289 of them have already provided the information requested by ICANN. Based on this information, an agreement has been sent to 194 applicants, of which 159 have signed the Registry Agreement.

You can find the list of the new gTLDs for which a Registry Agreement has been signed on the ICANN website, in alphabetical or chronological order. The list gets longer every week and a quick glance will most probably give you some inspiration to develop a few new business ideas.

Because now that .CHRISTMAS is coming, wouldn’t it be the perfect time to get some products on the market under the suffix .CHEAP or .BARGAINS? As for most expensive gifts, you can go for a .DIAMONDS, .BOUTIQUE or .LUXURY domain. Real estate agencies also have many different choices: .IMMO now belongs to the possibilities, next to .CASA, .HOUSE, .BUILD and .BUILDING.

In our “From .APP to .ZONE” section, you can discover the many opportunities that the new domain names can offer you. And do not forget that, at present, you can also pre-register a domain name for free!