The Feweb Congress was a huge success

  • 25 January 2008
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Last December 12th, the 5th FeWeb congress was held in Edegem. About 175 web developers were present and followed the different tracks.
Besides being the main sponsor, COMBELL was also a guest speaker at the event. COMBELL’s Peter Viellefont talked about the possibilities offered by Software as a Service (SaaS). In its capacity of Microsoft Gold Certified partner, COMBELL indeed offers many options to help web developers implement SaaS.
 In the future, software will no longer be installed on the PC, but it will become accessible via Internet. Instead of e.g. installing a word processing pack on your PC, you will purchase a license that will allow you to process text in an online context. This will save the users disk space, installation problems, virus-related risks, etc. Due to the fact that many web developers are creating SaaS applications, COMBELL supports them by offering interesting products and services, thus helping them work out strategies and architectures.
After the conferences, the FeWeb quality labels were awarded and keynote Speaker William Visterin of Business Smart Strategies communicated his views on Web 2.0, the social Internet. Among other things, he spoke about the rule of 3, the Long Tail, green IT and Web Economics and he confirmed the rise of SaaS and the shortage of data centers in Belgium.