The Erfgoeddag website resisted the visitors’ assault thanks to the Cloud

  • 24 May 2012
  • Reading time: 2 min
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Perhaps you too participated on Sunday 22 April to one of over 800 free activities that were organized as part of the Erfgoeddag (Heritage Day) in Flanders and Brussels around the theme “Helden” (Heroes)? And maybe, on that occasion, you visited the website Erfgoeddag, in order to plan that special day. As a matter of fact, the website welcomed many visitors in the period right before the Erfgoeddag, with a peak on 22 April: on that day, no less than 18,000 people visited the site, twice as much as last year!

And yet, the website resisted that assault without any problems, which required quite a lot of server power in order to cope with that traffic. Were there so many servers reserved for the Erfgoeddag website – servers that would have been useless during the rest of the year, because they would have welcomed much less visitors than on 22 April? Fortunately not, because that would be pretty inefficient!

The secret lies in Cloud server hosting: Combell hosts Erfgoed on a Cloud server, which is part of a network. When, on 22 April, more bandwidth was required, it has been allocated immediately, in order for the website not to crash due to the traffic peak. You do not want to imagine this: working on a certain event throughout the year, and on D-day, seeing that your website, the most important source of information about the event, is not available!

Mark down the date of the Erfgoeddag 2013, which will focus on the theme “Stop de tijd” (Stop the time), in your agenda: Sunday 21 April 2013. Also, put “Order Cloud Hosting from Combell” on your to-do list, if you too want your website to benefit from maximum scalability!