The .app domain extension will be available soon

A new extension will be launched on 8 May 2018. Do you develop or design applications? Then, you may have been waiting for this .app domain extension to be available for some time, because it makes it very easy for Internet users to understand what your website stands for. The popularity of this new domain extension is already huge and it will most probably become one of this year’s biggest hits. And it is precisely because of its current level of success that we are offering pre-registrations. Do not wait any longer, as the domain names with a .app extension will sell like hot cakes!


First come, first served

.app domeinextensie preregistreren

You can pre-register your .app domain name with us. We will submit your request as soon as the extension goes live. Your request will be processed on a first come, first served basis. This means that if someone else requests the same domain name first, it will no longer be available. So, you need to hurry up! Pre-registrations will be handled in different phases:

1: Sunrise period

Trademark owners (TMCH) can register their registered trademarks without further delay at the standard rate. For this, please contact our sales department.

2: Landrush period (Early Access)

As of 1 May, people who do not own trademarks will be able to register. This period will be divided into 5 different Early Access phases. Play it safe and pre-register your .app domain name for the desired phase without further delay. We will turn your pre-registration into a registration in the chosen phase (if nobody has pre-registered the domain name before).

For the first 3 phases, please contact our sales department by mail or by telephone. In phase 4 and 5, you can simply place your order via our web store.

PhaseFromToActivation fee (one time)
Phase 11/05/2018 6 pm2/05/2018 6 pm15,000 EUR
Phase 22/05/2018 6 pm3/05/2018 6 pm5,000 EUR
Phase 33/05/2018 6 pm4/05/2018 6 pm1,750 EUR
Phase 44/05/2018 6 pm5/05/2018 6 pm950 EUR
Phase 55/05/2018 6 pm8/05/2018 6 pm175 EUR

You only pay for a successful registration.
If we succeed in registering your domain name during the Early Access phase, all you will pay is a one-time activation fee, in addition to the standard registration price.

3: GoLive period

As of 8 May, everyone will be free to register .app extensions, again on a first come, first served basis. The price of a domain with a .app extension is 32.5 EUR for standard requests. For premium domain names and their prices, please feel free to contact us.

Why pre-register a .app domain with Combell?

We at Combell do our utmost to provide you with a great service. This is why we offer you various free services when you register a .app domain name with us.

  • Free 1 GB mailbox and e-mail address
  • Free connection to an existing or new website
  • Free unlimited subdomains
  • Free 24/7 support (in English)
  • Free €75 AdWords voucher

And these are just a few of the free services we offer to our customers. Please visit the .app page for further information!

Pre-register your .app domain name now!