So far,82 new gTLDs have been delegated

  • 20 January 2014
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bloemen.shopSoon, we will eat a .KIWI in .WIEN, and we will send an .EMAIL to the .CEO. We will invite our partner for a .COFFEE, and most importantly, we will not forget to get her flowers from the .FLORIST!

On 23 October 2013, the first new generic Top-Level Domains have been delegated, which means that they have been introduced into the Internet’s Root Zone, the large database for the Internet. Since then, new gTLDs are continually being added, week after week. And ICANN did not have much time to relax with the holiday season: from 17 December to 4 January, no less than 47 new gTLDs have been delegated.

Some of them really fire one’s imagination, because they are very attractive in the Dutch-speaking region too. The new gTLD .LIMO, for instance, is absolutely perfect for companies that rent limousines and other vehicles, with or without a driver. .SHOES is perfectly suited to all shoe stores, shoe manufacturers and shoemakers. .DOMAINS is ideal for all Internet hosting and registration companies. As for .COMPUTER, the string for this new gTLD might be a little long, but it has the advantage of being clear: those who register a .COMPUTER gTLD clearly indicate the sector they work in, no matter whether they are hardware or software vendors, repairmen, programmers or any other related profession.

A really cool gTLD is .BUZZ: with this domain extension, you can immediately inform Internet users about the fact that what they can find on your website is hot and viral on the Internet, or at least that it will become so. .BUZZ joins .SEXY, another cool gTLD that was delegated on 14 November 2013. Later this year, .FUN and .HOT will also be launched.

The real estate sector can use .HOUSE or .IMMOBILIEN. Those who find this last string a little too long will have to wait some more for .IMMO to be launched. Other new gTLDs that are perfect for certain trade categories are: .FLORIST, .COFFEE, .REPAIR, .TRAINING.

Perhaps less important for Dutch-speaking people, but really huge in terms of worldwide influence, is the launch of domain names with non-ASCII characters. Some very promising gTLDs have now been delegated in Chinese: 我爱你 (I love you), 集团 (group), 中文网 (Chinese network), .在线 (online), 公益 (charity), 政务 (government) and 游戏 (game). In Japanese, there is みんな (everyone), in Arabic شبكة (web), and in Russian онлайн (online) and сайт (site) – four gTLDs that, together with the Chinese word for games, have been the first gTLDs to be released on 23 October 2013, as a symbolic gesture. By giving priority to these IDNs (internationalized domain names), ICANN intended to stress the importance that it attaches to the development of domain names, including those with non-ASCII characters.

On the ICANN website, you can check out the list of all the gTLDs that have been delegated, in chronological order. You can also find more inspiration for new domain names that will fire your imagination in our special section on new gTLDs, where we neatly classified domains into categories. And do not forget that pre-registration is currently still free of charge!