“Piece of cake”: with SiteBuilder, Vanessa of Snoepfee creates her completely online webshop herself

Can't choose between all the goodies on the website of Snoepfee? Well, that's not only because of the delicious sweets, but also because of the handy and visual webshop of the online candy store. A web store that 'candy fairy' Vanessa got online all by herself thanks to Combell's SiteBuilder.


Vanessa en Sophie van de Snoepfee

Name: Vanessa and Sophie from the Snoepfee
Use: The Combell
SiteBuilder with webshop for snoepfee.be
Are satisfied because: Thanks to SiteBuilder, the sisters were able to start small with a virtual shop without a physical location.

Getting your treats all year round: that must be the life motto of enterprising sisters Vanessa and Sophie! In summer they prepare fresh ice cream and drive around with the ice cream truck. In winter, they dive into the world of lollipops, candy cakes and other goodies with Snoepfee. That world of candy is entirely virtual, because the two sisters decided to create a fully developed webshop without a physical store.

Vanessa talks to us about how she built her own web store with SiteBuilder. Receive payments the way you want them, multiple shipping methods, manage orders yourself ... You do it all with this website builder. "Our webshop is basically my baby," she says excitedly.

Vanessa, how did Snoepfee come to be the fun name of your webshop?

"My sister and I had no choice but to be creative, because a lot of domain names with 'candy' in the title were already taken (laughs). Our candies come into play for the whole family, and the word 'fairy' reminded us a bit of 'family.' We continuously kept plugging in names on your domain finder and Snoepfee turned out to still be available."


Starting entrepreneurs like Vanessa and Sophie benefit a lot from this golden advice: instead of the classic .be, choose another extension such as .shop or .app. This way, you can still claim the domain name of your dreams. Check if your desired domain name is still available.

Why the choice of a webshop?

"This allowed us to start small. If Candy Fairy ever begins to grow further, we might take the plunge into a physical store, but with our start-up business, we don't want to make super expensive investments at this time."


The webshop module is already included from the SiteBuilder Standard package. This allows you to create your own website first and upgrade to a web shop later. No need to buy another package.

Is SiteBuilder a budget-friendly option if you want to start a web shop?

"Totally! Because I remember from the past how expensive a webshop can be. We definitely wanted to avoid that. SiteBuilder is not only affordable, but also the ideal website builder for a beginner like me."

Homepage Snoepfee

How did you create such a visual looking webshop with SiteBuilder?

"By choosing the right template. That's where it all starts. I took half a day to sort through the different templates. That was necessary, because you have a lot of choice (laughs). In the end, I chose a shoe store template. That was the best fit for our candy store, because that design was very visual from the beginning, which was very important to me. Afterwards, I used it to build our own, fully-fledged and mobile-friendly webshop."


SiteBuilder has been enhanced with an AI webshop builder. You no longer have to build your webshop yourself; the Artificial Intelligence does it for you! Try it now.

How did building with SiteBuilder go?

"Like a piece of cake! What you do yourself, you do better: SiteBuilder absolutely lives up to that saying (cheerfully). Building a completely online webshop with SiteBuilder is very user-friendly. For example, it was very easy to integrate the payment provider I already had into SiteBuilder. By doing it myself, I was able to put my soul into it; the webshop is very much my baby. You build the site where and when you want. You are in charge. I don't have to bother anyone when I want to update the pages. Afterwards you are even more proud of the result."

Webshop Snoepfee

If you do have any questions, you can contact our support 24/7.

"That is indeed very helpful! When I contacted Combell, I was helped very quickly, well and kindly. I once had problems with another web store, where I paid for 3 hours of support per year. When those hours were spent, I was only helped when I extended my credit again. So your ongoing support is a big difference when compared to other companies."

"You build your webshop where and when you want. You are in charge. I don't have to bother anyone when I want to update the pages. Afterwards, you're even more proud of the result."

Do your customers like the webshop?

"They are very pleased. Fortunately, because I believe it is not only important that our webshop is simple and attractive, everyone must be able to work with it. From browsing to the payment process: a webshop must be user-friendly."

Candy cake of the Snoepfee

Are you still going to use SiteBuilder to build out your web shop?

"I plan to take another look at the SEO settings that are included in SiteBuilder. Google rankings can only increase Snoepfee's brand name visibility."