Selligent finds a strategic hosting partner in Combell

  • 24 October 2011
  • Reading time: 2 min
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Selligent is a fast growing specialist in conversion marketing and interactive CRM software. In other words: Selligent customers see their online results significantly improve owing to innovative software, targeted e-campaigns and extremely efficient marketing actions. In such a market, reliable and scalable connections and servers are essential. And it is Combell that takes care of these aspects.

The need for a strategic expert

“Our customers are successful and Selligent grows fast. An increasing number of our customers use our software as a service. That is why we constantly need extra server capacity. And we need to make sure that our application is always available, from anywhere. Uptime is key!”, says CTO Ben Vloemans.

“Driven by the growing and strict requirements of our customers, we went in search of a partner to complete our own IT infrastructure and knowledge. We needed a strategic expert to develop, together with us, solutions for our customers of today and tomorrow. And Combell was the perfect match.”

Migrating everything to the cloud

Combell analysed the existing infrastructure and the Selligent customers’ needs and concluded that everything needed to be migrated to the cloud. Because in a private cloud, Selligent can meet their customers’ need for capacity much more quickly.

Ben Vloemans: “It was nice to see how our technical team collaborated with Combell’s specialists during the migration process. We could also count on Combell’s collaborators as if they were part of Selligent. They often worked at night in order to make the migration process painless for our customers. And we also quickly got answers to our other strategic questions. Both our teams are currently drawing up a Full Disaster Recovery Plan. Just in case...”