Scotland finally has its own Top-Level Domain: .SCOT!

  • 18 February 2014
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.scotDid you know that the new gTLDs are also a perfect way for independent regions that have no ccTLD of their own to define their territory anyway – albeit only in virtual space? Scotland is a perfect example!

A country can have different communities, each having their own identity; no need to go on and on about this when you’re talking to Belgians, Flemish, Brusselians and Walloons. Spain has the Basque, the Netherlands have the Frisians, and the United Kingdom has several regions too. Ireland gained its independence, which is also reflected on the Internet with their own .IE country code Top-Level Domain. But Wales and Scotland, which are also important parts of the United Kingdom, do not have their own ISO country code in the digital world yet and are still included in the .UK ccTLD.

But there are now changes to this, albeit indirectly. It will not be a real ccTLD, but thanks to the new gTLDs, Scotland will finally have its own digital territory: .SCOT. The non-profit Internet company Dot Scot Registry had submitted the request beforehand and has now signed an agreement with ICANN for the management of this new gTLD.

DSR has been striving to get the .SCOT gTLD for ten years and was able to rely on the support provided by one of the greatest advocates of the recognition of the independence of Scotland, the legendary James Bond actor Sean Connery. It may not be a “real” ccTLD, but the alternative gTLD, .SCOT, will undoubtedly allow companies and individuals to express their solidarity with Scotland.

Scotland is not the only region that will gain its virtual independence via a generic Top-Level Domain. In fact, many other regions will seize the opportunities that the new gTLDs can offer. Aquitaine in France, the region around Bordeaux, went for .AQUITAINE, and the French Bretons chose .BZH. And from now on, .CATALONIA will be the digital motherland for the Catalans, and the Frisians will be home with .FRL. Quebec, which has always championed its independence from Canada now has .QUEBEC as its digital identity.

Besides, there is no need to look too far to understand the importance of the new gTLDs for the regions that strive for their independence. In our own country, we will soon have .VLAANDEREN and .BRUSSELS. And even Ghent, the Silicon Valley of the mobile applications, will soon have its own gTLD, .GENT, as a symbol for its progressive approach in the digital world.

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