Price update Partner 2022

We hope you are satisfied with our services.

As you can expect from us, Combell continuously invests in making your services work flawlessly and safely.

It has undoubtedly not escaped your notice that the prices of energy and raw materials are rising rapidly. This has a major impact on our day-to-day operations: electricity, transport, licenses and hardware are becoming more expensive.

That is why we are forced to adjust our prices. So that you still receive the best support from Combell.

Because we consider the cooperation with you as a partner important, we have tried to limit the price increase for partners as much as possible.

What can you expect?


We are happy to point out new promotions for our domain names. This way, as a partner, you can purchase cheaper domain names from us in the first year, despite increased renewal prices:

  • Domain names with .be/.nl/.eu extensions: 12,49 € (first year promotion)
  • Domain names with .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz extensions: 14,00 € (first year promotion)

Price adjustments

All price adjustments for customers with direct activation will be implemented on products that renew from May 2022. We want to inform you as a partner in good time: this way it is also possible for you to evaluate your own pricing. You will of course keep the renewal term you have today:

ProductTierNew price (monthly) *
Reseller ProUp to 10 packages7,89 €
Reseller Pro11 to 60 packages7,39 €
Reseller Pro61 to 100 packages6,29 €
Reseller Pro101 to 200 packages5,19 €
Reseller Pro+200 packages4,69 €
Reseller UltimateUp to 10 packages20,99 €
Reseller Ultimate11 to 60 packages19,99 €
Reseller Ultimate61 to 100 packages17,89 €
Reseller Ultimate101 to 200 packages16,19 €
Reseller Ultimate+200 packages15,79 €
Reseller Managed WordPress ProUp to 10 packages9,99 €
Reseller Managed WordPress Pro11 to 60 packages9,49 €
Reseller Managed WordPress Pro61 to 100 packages8,39 €
Reseller Managed WordPress Pro101 to 200 packages7,29 €
Reseller Managed WordPress Pro+200 packages6,79 €
Reseller Managed WordPress UltimateUp to 10 packages23,09 €
Reseller Managed WordPress Ultimate11 to 60 packages22,09 €
Reseller Managed WordPress Ultimate61 to 100 packages19,99 €
Reseller Managed WordPress Ultimate101 to 200 packages18,29 €
Reseller Managed WordPress Ultimate+200 packages17,89 €

(*) Other legacy products of the same category are increased by 5%.
If you benefit from a possible discount, that discount will continue to apply pro rato to the new prices.

Domain names
ProductNew price (yearly) *
Domain name .be15,49 €
Domain name .nl15,49 €
Domain name .eu15,49 €
Domain name .com15,49 €
Domain name .net15,49 €
Domain name .org15,49 €
Domain name .biz15,49 €
Domain name .info15,49 €
Domain name .de15,49 €
Use nameservers12,00 €

(*) If you benefit from a possible discount, the price get increased by 10%.

Dedicated Webhosting & options
ProductNew price (monthly) *
Dedicated Webhosting Essential216,49 €
Dedicated Webhosting Professional282,59 €
Dedicated Webhosting Expert329,89 €
Dedicated Webhosting Expert+367,69 €
Varnish 128 MB
2,69 €
Redis 64 MB2,69 €
Memcached 64 MB2,69 €

(*) If you benefit from a possible discount, that discount will continue to apply pro rato to the new prices.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

In addition to the partner products mentioned above, a price increase will also affect other product groups that are also available to our end customers. You can consult the new catalog prices here: Price Update