Price adjustment for OpenStack

openstack logoIn the past year we have again invested heavily and worked on the underlying infrastructure of your OpenStack environment. Numerous improvements are also planned for next year.

What can you expect from January?

Due to the ever increasing costs and price increases at our own suppliers, we are forced to adjust the rates of our components from January 2021. This way we can continue to guarantee the same level of service in the future.

The following prices will be used automatically from January 2021:

Server configurationsNew price
m1.tiny5,75 €/month
m1.small11,50 €/month
m1.medium23,00 €/month
m1.large92,00 €/month
m1.xlarge184,00 €/month


Server configurationsNew price
m1.tiny.windows8,40 €/month
m1.small.windows18,11 €/month
m1.medium.windows35,48 €/month
m1.large.windows115,49 €/month
m1.xlarge.windows230,32 €/month


Disk Storage0,12 €/month per GB
Ipv42,30 €/month
Router1,15 €/month
Snapshot Storage0,09€ per GB

All prices are without VAT


If you have discounted prices for the above components, they will be adjusted automatically and relative to the above rates.

Contact us if you have any questions