Online Desktop from Combell makes software available everywhere

  • 3 November 2011
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Nowadays, no ICT term is used more than cloud. E-mails, pictures, address books, agendas... everything is gradually transferred to that magical Internet cloud that is available everywhere. This is logical: you want to be able to use your files wherever you are. “But files are not everything. In order to be able to read and edit documents and presentations, a user also needs the right software. That is why we are currently moving software to the cloud too”, says Benjamin Jacobs, CTO at Combell, Belgium’s number one hosting company.

Software in the cloud

Online Desktop is, as the name clearly suggests, the Internet version of your own computer’s desktop. Just log in and, there you go, all your documents and programs that you use at home or at work are available. But in an Internet version.

David Temmerman, Sales & Marketing Director: “With Online Desktop, a user can work on any computer as if it were its own. Even if that computer does not run the version of the software that he needs. This is useful for those who are often on the road and do not always have the possibility to take a laptop. Because even the computer in the hotel room or at the customer’s office will run the most recent version of Microsoft Office.”
An increasing number of SMEs and companies are convinced of the usefulness of Online Desktop. Because in addition to the benefits associated with availability, the extra control and security also play a crucial role. Access to files and programs can e.g. be immediately denied to a departed employee. And via a clever monitoring system, usage and availability can be permanently checked.

Less investments in IT

“For companies, investing in Online Desktop always pays off on the long run. This is logical: all software is installed on our servers and uses our processing power. So, a company no longer needs to worry about this. And expensive maintenance contracts are part of the past as well. Even the in-house ICT manager usually benefits from this progress. Because he can go back to concentrating on real ICT tasks”, says CTO Benjamin Jacobs.

“Companies only pay for Desktop Online if they use the system. This is obviously not the case with purchased hardware – which must pay for itself. In addition, users benefit from all investments made by Combell in terms of security, backup, fast connections and new hardware.”

Collaboration with local partners

Combell acts as a hosting specialist and provides the infrastructure for Online Desktop. But integration is managed by local ICT specialists like Uptime Group and Behind The Buttons: “We see this approach as logical. Our network of local partners is very broad. Therefore, there is always an adequate specialist near to our customers. Those companies are in a much better position to take care of installation, configuration and support. In fact, the Internet connexion, the local network and the applications also require services and are taken care of by the local partners. Often, they have been ICT providers (for other products) for these customers for years. Firewalls, smartphones, printers and laptops, for instance, keep existing physically and also need support. Our local IT partners offer, in accordance with the Cloud model, an all-in support service for a fixed monthly fee. This means that there are no more unpleasant surprises with unexpectedly large IT bills… Not for hardware, nor for software or maintenance”, explains David Temmerman.

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