Obligation to mention a means of communication on every website

  • 13 December 2008
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The Court of Justice of the European Communities has decided that, in addition to their office address and their e-mail address, companies must mention at least one additional means of communication on their site. This can be a telephone or a fax number, as long as it is a means that allows to rapidly and directly get in touch with the company.

Besides, it is in the companies’ best interest to do things above board on their website. The more information they give about the company (physical address, telephone numbers, contact persons...), the more users will trust it and the more it is likely that they will place an order.

In addition to a telephone number to get in touch directly with your company, there are other ways to gain your future clients’ trust: positive reviews. For this, it is obviously necessary to provide a good service, but also that you check if your site is not negatively criticized on other websites. It is thus in your best interest to regularly perform a check of the name of your company via Google (in business jargon, this is referred to as "ego searching"). For this, use Google’s "Google Alerts" option, where you can enter a keyword (the name of your company): Google will then send you an e-mail each time that this keyword appears in news messages, blogs, or on the web in general.